16 Years Old Arrested for Stealing Bank Details & Social Media Passwords

spanish-hacker_arrestedA 16 years old hacker has been arrested for allegedly hacking into different computers across the Spanish city of Alicante, stealing users personal information such as bank account details, passwords of their social media accounts, emails, addresses and other confidential data.   

According to the people close to the case said the 16 year old was blackmailing the victims for money in exchange for not publishing the hacked information obtained from these computers. Police did not ruled out the existence of harassment and adolescents in the case. 

The police added that 16 year old was smart enough to bluff them by using internet of his neighbor, which led them in arresting of the wrong guy during the first raid.  However, they soon discovered that the suspect was using this network without the owner’s knowledge. The sources consulted by the local newspaper explained that the youth accessed the computers of their victims after they get introduced into a Trojan virus, then getting the information he wanted.

The hacker was arrested on Friday and set to stand against the court in coming days. 

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