Brazilian Military Police & 26 Govt Websites Hacked by Ashiyane Digital Security Team

The internationally recognized hackers from Ashiyane Digital Security Team has attacked Brazilian cyber space, as a result 27 high profile Brazilian government got hacked, including the official websites of Brazilian Military Police and The Attorney General’s Office.


While scrolling Zone-h, I got hold of latest cyber attack conducted by the group shows that all 27 websites were successfully defaced, deface page and a message was left on all the targeted sites. According to which:

We Love IRAN

Greetz : All Ashiyane DefacerZ

Crypt0 Was Here..

Other targeted sites seems to be from government Audit Ministry, Samba associations, Banks, Government Search Portal, Dance Schools and military police site etc.

The links and mirrors of targeted sites are available on Zone-h.

Ashiyane Digital Security Team is the same team which hacked 2 York country government websites and is an active Iranian hack and security team and the oldest one in Iran. Ashiyane currently has more than 30 official members and the headquarters is located in Tehran. Ashiyane ranked first in Zone-H’s list of notifiers.

At the time of publishing this article, some of the sites were restored and some were taken offline.

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