Development of Corporate Applications Based on Artificial Intelligence

Development of Corporate Applications Based on Artificial Intelligence

Technologies based on Artificial intelligence can be used in corporate management since the indisputable advantage of these technologies is the ability to analyze large amounts of data without significant resource costs.

The ability to use AI technologies is especially relevant when the control object and its external environment contain complex processes and factors that significantly affect each other.

Areas for AI-Based Corporate Application Development

Among the most promising spheres to develop apps with AI are the following:

1: Recruiting

AI-powered enterprise application in recruiting is in high demand because technology can also help recognize hard skills — emotional and psychological traits such as ambition, learning, passion, sense of purpose.

2: Development of employees

The emergence of algorithms that monitor and learn the skills, behavior, and actions of the most highly effective performers in teams and share information with the entire team is changing approaches in this area. These Netflix-like algorithms can be implemented with enterprise apps and make learning as fun as watching TV shows.

3: Management and leadership

Companies can build AI-powered coaching apps. These are systems that solicit feedback, read comments, and are attuned to employees and teams. Data on individual and team problems can be correlated with data from high-performing teams and is also used to nudge managers and leaders to do better.

4: Fraud Prevention

An AI-powered application can view data from organizational networks (email traffic, comments, etc.), identify areas of stress, spheres of possible ethical error, and many other areas of risk, and report them to HR or security personnel so they can intervene before something bad will happen.

Additional Benefits

Using AI for HR management is a trending topic. More and more companies are realizing that people are the most valuable resource for a business. Digitalization is relevant both for the tasks of employee adaptation and retention of valuable personnel.

Coming to a company, a person has expectations from a new job. At this point, it is important not to let him get lost. Not all organizations have an institute of mentoring, if this is not possible, technology will help to join the team. AI apps can analyze the history of actions of new employees in a similar position and offer an optimal adaptation algorithm: what to study, the answers to what questions, and where to find.

AI helps in retaining valuable employees. The departure of an experienced specialist is always the risk of losing informal knowledge that the specialist takes with him. While trying to manage this risk, managers understand that it is difficult to communicate with the employee at the stage of signing the letter of resignation.

Accordingly, there is a demand for predicting such events, and predictive analytics technologies can help research behavior in corporate systems.

Thus, artificial intelligence is used in a wide range of business tasks, allowing you to automate many aspects of management activities. This necessitates the development of AI applications to interact with management processes in the company.

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