Facebook Scam Alert: Samsung Is Giving Away 5,000 Free Galaxy S 4 Phones



Samsung has launched its new Samsung Galaxy S 4 handset and will soon throw it in the market. This news has given scammers and cyber criminals, the leverage to go all knotty with their claims.

Earlier in the day today, I fell upon a scam on Facebook which said that Samsung is giving out about 5000 Samsung Galaxy S 4 to all lucky fans who like and share a photo and who will like a page of this handset which is a fake one..

The scam post said that Samsung will give out galaxy S 4 handsets to lucky fans. The scam also says to follow the instructions to participate.

Unfortunately people have gone on to like the bonus page and the numbers have gone to 20,000 already.

But wake up guys; it’s just a scam as Samsung is not giving out any of these Galaxy cell phones. A single piece would cost Samsung about 900 dollars which means the 5000 sets will be costing around 4.5 million dollars.

The scam was just promoted to invite people towards the page which is truly unlikely to be an official one.

What’s important here is to pause and think before going for the plunge. This scam is though a harmless one but you might counter ones which tempt you into websites with malware services.

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