Facebook’s Photo Magic Can Scan Your Camera Roll to find Photos of Your Friends

Facebook’s Photo Magic Can Scan Users’ Camera Roll to find Photos of their Friends — We learned about Facebook’s new feature called Photo Magic earlier this week.

Reports suggest that this new feature is being tested in Australia and is equipped with the power to scan your phone’s Camera Roll and find pictures of your friends.

Once found, you will be notified and prompted by Photo Magic to share these pictures with your friends through Facebook’s Messenger app.

David Marcus, chief of messaging at Facebook, claims that after Photo Magic’s testing phase goes well, the feature will be introduced to users in the United States.

In June of this year, the social media giant released its photo-sharing app Moments utilizing facial recognition technology to tag and sends users’ pictures from their private camera roll.

Facebook’s AI/artificial intelligence lab also introduced an algorithm that can locate the user in a picture with 83% accuracy. The catch is that it can judge your identity even if you aren’t looking at the camera or have turned your face away.

Wondering how Photo Magic will function?

Well, Facebook users will be requested by the Facebook Messenger app regarding permission to scan their phone’s Camera Roll folder.

Through Facial Recognition technology, Photo Magic will cross-reference the pictures it finds in that folder with those present in the profiles of your Facebook friends.

The principle idea behind the launching of this feature is to prevent the merely seconds-long “friction” that Facebook users face while selecting photos to share.

However, users may also prevent Photo Magic from identifying them simply by clicking on an option present in the Facebook Setting’s “timeline and tagging” section.

Let’s wait and watch how users react to this new feature that will spy on their photographs even when offline and its repercussions on their privacy.

There’s much more on TC on this app if you are interested in reading.


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