Anonymous Market Place ‘Silk Road’ Domain Seized, Owner Arrested by FBI

The FBI has arrested a 29 year old man in San Francisco, California for allegedly owning and running an underground anonymous marketplace website Silk Road () which allowed users to buy and sell guns, drugs and other illegal stuff by using encrypted, digital currency around the globe.

Ross William Ulbricht is a University of Pennsylvania School of Materials Science and Engineering graduate also known with the handle of  “Dread Pirate Roberts,” was arrested for running an illegal online marketplace.

The Silk Road website was seized yesterday and then shut down by the FBI until further notice.


According to a complaint filed against Ross William Ulbricht, he has been accused of computer hacking, narcotics trafficking and money laundering via the Silk Road platform.

Read complete details on filed complaint in the below-given link:

Some core point mentioned by the FBI are mentioned below:

1> The site was shut down because, since January 2011, it was being used to sell drugs and other controlled substances.

2> The platform was also used by drug dealers as a market place around the world.

3> The website was offering malicious software like keyloggers, Spywares, RATs and other password hacking tools.

4> The site was massively used as a platform for money laundering.

As recently as last month, the FBI said it was able to browse advertisements on Silk Road for products that could be purchased on the site including multi-kilogram quantities of heroin, cocaine and meth, as well as forged government IDs and firearms.


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