Florida Man May Serve 1,140 Years in Prison Over Child-porn Content

Just yesterday it was reported that Steven W. Chase, a 58-year-old man from Naples, Florida and the owner of PlayPen, a Dark Web website hosting child porn was sent to prison for 30 years. Now, it emerged that Michael Angelo Savinelli, 49, a restaurant owner from the Florida Keys was arrested back on November 17, 2016, after law enforcement authorities searched his personal computer and found highly explicit images of children.

He was then given six third-degree felony charges, but upon further review of the pictures, Savinelli is now facing additional 70 felony charges for possessing child pornographic content.

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The additional charges according to Monroe County State Attorney’s Office are a result of authorities finding 69 more pictures and a video showing his sexual conduct with underage children as young as 5. Furthermore, the authorities also found “multiple” images and videos of “preadolescent females in explicit poses” showing their genitalia and involved in sex acts. The girls in them had “child-like features, child-sized arms, legs, torso, and abdomen…”

If convicted Savinelli may serve 1,140 years in state prison.

Miami Herald reports that Savinelli has accepted keeping child explicit content on his computer and revealed that “he would go into chat rooms and other people would send him child pornography, and sometimes he would send child pornography to other people. He stated he did not know any of the people in the chat rooms” and “admitted there might be several images and videos” of child porn on his computer.”

Savinelli is the owner of Keys’ most famous restaurant “The Hurricane Bar & Grille.” However, he is now facing a very long time behind bars.

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