Hackers Steal 3,000+ Classified Documents from Japan’s Agriculture Ministry

The group of unknown hackers have hacked into the Japan’s Agriculture Ministry server and left with over 3,000 classified documents. The compromise documents are of high value, specially the documents related to Trans-Pacific Partnership multilateral trade pact.

Japan’s national site Yomiuri, reports that a malicious malware Htran was found in the Agriculture Ministry’s server. Malware developed by Chinese hackers of the Honker Union of China group. 

The program was also used to steal data from the Finance Ministry, as HTran data transmissions were discovered to have taken place from October 2010 to November 2011, the sources said.

Remote-control Trojan horse viruses were also used in the cyber-attacks on both ministries, according to the sources. In past incidents involving Trojan horses, attackers often hijacked targeted systems to obtain information.

Agriculture Ministry did not contacted the police but police has lunched its on investigation and looking into the matter. 

Last year the Japanese authorities had warned the ministry of suspicious hacking attack that may results in taking away of sensitive data.

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