How to Create a Dating App: A to Z Guide

In case you don’t have any idea about how to create a dating app, while you want to create your own app, I’ll help you out with this A to Z guide. 

Back in the days, finding a date was as easy as walking into a pub and ordering a drink for the person you like. However, in just over a decade, things have dramatically changed. Today, we have smartphones! And thanks to smartphones, we are introduced to a whole new world of meeting & networking. 

Although social media is a great place to initiate your search for the perfect suitor, it’s not much into the game. With the real players in the market like Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, Bumble, Badoo and many others, dating has become quite an interesting activity to get by. 

In fact, some important statistics reveal that there are at least 4000 swipes every second on Tinder.

With such numbers, there is no denying the fact that dating apps have become quite the buzz in town. Even if there are so many options, there is still room for creativity and a market that is always open to checking out new ideas. 

In case you don’t have any idea about how to create a dating app, while you want to create your own app, I’ll help you out with this A to Z guide. 

Let’s help you outline some of the highly important things…

Let’s Build A Dating App from Scratch! 

Every entrepreneur starts with brainstorming a unique idea! Your first job is to find a unique selling point. 

It will ensure that your dating app will stand apart from the rest of the competition in the market. 

Now you may think that “There are so many in the market, why do I need to make one?”

It’s simple!

If you’ll look closely, you will never find two with the same exact features. 

So when designing your own dating app, think of a few unique features.   

Let’s move on to the next highlight of this section.

Choose a Remarkable Brand Name

“Name Is the Real Game if You Want to Build a Brand” 

Behind every identity, there lies a powerful brand name. If you want to see your dating app turn into a thriving success, spend more time on deciding which name will work best for your asset. 

However, choosing the right name for your brand can be a cumbersome task just because there are strong social networking and Google policies that are in effect. 

Therefore, when you plan on deciding a name for your dating app, make sure you consider: 

  • The chosen name should exude a purpose – for example, the dating app “Match” tells what it is about. 
  • Make sure your app name is easy to spell – It should be less than 10 characters like Badoo, Tinder, etc. 
  • Make sure your app can easily be searched – It shouldn’t be a common keyword or it will fail to appear. 
  • Make something memorable, something that leaves an everlasting impact on a reader’s mind. 

Let’s say you’ve done the above exercise as:

  • Finding a unique selling point
  • Brainstorming your unique features
  • Selecting a brandable name

The next thing on the board is getting into the design. 

What to Consider While Designing a Dating App-UI/UX

Prime focus on the design of an app is linked with its purpose and the major purpose here is to gain user attention.

So, if you want your app to gain attention, you will have to do some serious work on the UI/UX of your dating app. 

Inside the UI/UX, there are specific elements. I’ll highlight each of these elements, so you better take care of those. 

A dating app should have easy navigation and powerful functionality. The functions of the app should be simple and straightforward. A user can easily checkout profiles, search companions and messages. 

You should invest more time in creating a powerful interface that allows quick interaction between individuals. If a companion is seeking to connect with another, your app shouldn’t create roadblocks. 

After the main interface, the chat message section holds priority importance. If you’re building an app like Tinder, don’t ever think about ignoring the chatting section. 

Lastly, remember that a dating app is an emotional area where many individuals would prefer to open up about their past. Hence there will be a lot of emotions involved. As an app creator, you should ensure that your app allows users to communicate emotionally with each other.  

These were the most important highlights of the design of a dating app. 

Let’s get to the next section.

How to Set the MVP for Your Dating App?

So before you go all out investing your budget on building a dating app for your business, make sure that you create an MVP of your idea. Here’s a guide to help you understand how to create an MVP.

Here we can take the example of a hypothetical dating app where certain features are very important.  

  • Sign-in Option
  • Profile Details
  • App’s Geolocation 
  • The Match Option
  • The Chat Option
  • Notifications Option
  • The App Settings
  • An Admin Panel

The more minimalistic you are when choosing important features, the more viable your app MVP is.  

Once you’ve created your app, it’s time to take it into the market. Here I have some cool tips for you. 

Build A Remarkable Marketing Plan For Your App

If you are always worried about the cost of making a dating app, then you will eventually lose out on paying attention to some of the important things such as creating a marketing plan like a Tinder clone. 

Your marketing team should perform an adequate amount of research and study your target audience before they get into the technicalities. You should also measure the outcomes and compare them. 

Before we move ahead, I would like to state that most dating apps have restrictions when it comes to social media marketing. 

With dating apps, you’re not allowed to run campaigns on Facebook or Insta. 

Hence, you will have to adopt a different approach. Just like the firebase dating app collects emails to target their customers and then send them ads to join their platform. What about going with the same approach. Not Bad I guess! 😊  

If you’re not too sure about the marketing plan, there are many free dating app templates to help you.

Lastly, Find The Influencers

In today’s world, if you really want your business to progress, you need to find some individuals who have a good number of followers. These individuals can help you promote your product far quicker than you can even imagine. 

In fact, the influencers are so well-connected that a word of mouth from them can create a really powerful impact on the market. Your dating app will see success in no time. 

So that’s all folks, here’s just about everything that I believe is essential to create a dating app. 

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