InsideBitcoins Review - Best Platform To Catch Up on Crypto News?

InsideBitcoins Review – Best Platform To Catch Up on Crypto News?

The volatile state the crypto market is in has made it a requirement for investors and traders to check in often on the latest news. However, standard platforms that offer crypto-related updates aren’t always thorough. That is why crypto publications such as are getting a lot of traction.

Launched in 2015, InsideBitcoins is a crypto news aggregator that covers everything from daily news about the crypto market to “how-to-buy” guides for old and new cryptocurrencies. 

In this article, we break down all the crypto-related topics that covers. We will also give our complete analysis related to the thoroughness of these write-ups to see if they are up to today’s standards. 

Listed below are the types of content that offers: 

How-to-Buy Guides

The first type of article that delivers is a “how-to-buy” guide. Comprehensive, these guides give a complete analysis of new and old cryptocurrencies through multiple perspectives. Following are the points these guides cover:

  • The growth drivers of this project
  • History of the cryptocurrency or NFT
  • The project’s origins and tokenomics 
  • The perks and shortfalls of the project
  • Critical analysis of the project’s roadmap
  • Where the asset is available for purchase
  • The community’s sentiment for this project
  • The current price and the development of this project

Crypto Price Predictions

Crypto price predictions are where’s writers are known to flex their analytical viewpoints about cryptocurrencies. These write-ups break down the content in terms of their forecast for specific years.

For instance, when they are giving price predictions for short-term tokens like PEPE, they focus on where the token can end up in the next three years. 

Following are key points the writers say they focus on: 

  1. The token’s utility 
  2. The prospects of the token
  3. The current price of the token 
  4. The macroeconomic conditions 


When first started, it focused on giving guides and predictions of all the tokens available in the market. However, the recent update has changed the site’s look, with none of those old reviews readily available. Instead, it has swapped those with the “best crypto lists,” which cover the best DAO projects, best memecoins, best cryptos to buy, best Web3 tokens, and more. 

There are also other long-form guides and reviews available for cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto trading platforms.

News About The Crypto Markets

While the evergreen guides and articles are similar to Wikipedia articles, giving users information about how to buy a token and its long-term prospects, news articles keep investors abreast with the latest developments. In this regard, there are two types of news articles that delivers.

Latest Developments

The latest updates about the crypto space can be found in’s “Breaking news” section. This section often covers byte-sized news pieces related to development related to specific cryptocurrencies. 

These also include statements from the major voices in the crypto space. Michael Saylor’s comments about Bitcoin, for instance, often have a major impact on the BTC price movement. often covers such statements. It also focuses on the latest regulatory developments that could have a long-term impact on the market. 

Daily Crypto Analysis

The second type of news article is available on and can be found under the “More Crypto News” section. 

These articles focus on two niches: 

  • Daily price predictions – Daily price predictions cover cryptocurrencies and NFTs that have either gone through a major upside or have faced a downturn. These articles often focus on their current prices and developments. They often end with an analytical view of the project that predicts the token’s price.   
  • Top cryptos of the day: The second type of news piece covers the best cryptos of the day to buy. Multiple niches are covered, and the list of leading cryptos is sourced from platforms like CoinMarketCap and DEXtools. They give a brief overview of the tokens that are trending and why.  

Quality of the Articles – A Complete Analysis 

Our experts read through the majority of the content available on the website. Here are our findings:  


The articles available on the website are thorough. We appreciate the detailed approach the writers have taken with all the how-to guides. The long-form articles are structured in a way that no details are missed. Everything from the tokenomics to the roadmap is seen through a critical lens. 

The price prediction articles were our favourites in this regard. Not only do they offer insight into the tokens that are already available on the market, but also give a holistic view of the cryptos that are currently available as a presale. 

The writers focus a lot on the community’s sentiments and technical indicators when assessing the quality of cryptocurrency. These long-form guides, which also contain reviews of the presale cryptos, focus a lot on the macroeconomic conditions and the technical qualities of an asset.  

News articles also display the same propensity of being thorough. Writers don’t simply regurgitate what’s available on another website. They do their research and go to social media platforms and key websites to source key details to add weight to the news they deliver. 

Information Provided

The next information we looked into was the information available on the website. Thoroughness is the key to this website, and most of the key details are covered. Everything from the ticker symbol of the tokens to the latest developments of the projects is available. The information is structured in a way that no reader is going to miss any critical detail. 

The standard “who, what, where, and why” questions are covered right at the beginning, with nothing left to chance. The information provided on shows that writers are interested in delivering as much info as they can. 


With the degree of thoroughness the website has displayed, we were worried that the content may seem like an info dump. Content with no personality doesn’t get our attention, even if the information it provides is valuable. 

Fortunately, we are happy to report that writers and analysts have taken care of the tone of the content on How-to-guides take a Wikipedia-like tone, taking some conversational route where the perks of the project have to be made clear. Price prediction articles are also thorough and often contain industry slang to make the content more interactive. 

The tone in the news articles, on the other hand, is of a reporting style. No needless fluff or jargon is present that could deter the flow of the content. 

Understandability has taken a comprehensive approach to its content. Although they use industry slang to communicate their intentions to the crypto community, they don’t let that get in the way of understandability. Furthermore, the simple words and the writing flow ensure that even those outside the crypto space can grasp what’s going on.  

Testing Policies

We found’s claim of a thorough analysis of a project before putting it in their how-to guides to be true. Every intricate detail – whether it is a con or a perk – has been displayed on the platform. is a Near Perfect Crypto News Site, But...

While the content quality is overall great, and the navigation of the platform is easy, has gone through multiple changes in the past. There used to be a full list of cryptocurrencies arranged in alphabetical order at the top. However, now, only trending cryptos are displayed there. 

Another issue that we would like to point out is that the news articles have an overly reporting tone. While the reporting style is appreciated since it maintains neutrality, we would have liked some insight from’s in-house analysts too.

What are the Pros and Cons of

Here are the pros and cons of 


  • Understandable content
  • Thorough testing policies
  • Robust how-to-buy guides
  • Thorough content available 
  • Analytical price predictions
  • A neutral tone is maintained


  • The site’s navigation could be improved
  • The news articles could have more flavour through insights

Recommending for Crypto News? is an all-rounder in most aspects. One must appreciate the thoroughness of the news it delivers and the understandable content that makes it appealing. The website’s complete approach and reporting style are also good on all accounts. 

The only improvement suggested is the navigation. While not completely deterring, the menu should provide richer options. Another area it could improve in is the news articles. Although a neutral tone is appreciated, an insight from analysts at the end could level up their content even more. 

Overall, is a suitable website and fit for all types of readers.

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