International Police Association Australia Hacked and Database Leaked by S3rver.exe

Official website of International Police Association Australia has been hacked and database leaked by a hacked known as S3rver.exe. Hack was announced via hacker’s twitter post.

 According to News.Softpedia, S3rver.exe said that ‘‘ “I hacked it just because I felt like it :D. Because of too much politics,” S3rver told us. “I have access to all their clients and their info.” 

Targeted website:

Leaked database: 

Database contains, tables, contact names, emails and encrypted passwords.

“A script kiddie used the logins I leaked and defaced it again right after the site was restored,according to S3rver.exe 

S3rver.exe is the same hacker that hacked  Argentinian City of Crespo official website last month, by hacker’s twitter posts it seems as if he is connected with Anonymous hacking group.

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