Iranians’ sudden access to Facebook and Twitter a tech glitch, sites are blocked again

Iranians were surprised to see Social media websites working inside the country without using any proxy server or virtual private network (VPN) but the happiness did not last for long as the sites were blocked again on Tuesday.

The sudden opening of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter was a big surprise inside and outside the country. Many thought that the initiative of opening the social media platforms was ordered by Irani President Hasan, thanking him for his liberal views.

 At the other hand Iranian Internet authorities said that access to social networking site was possible due to a tech glitch in the computer system that manages internet providers across the country.

The secretary of state Mehr Abdolsamad Khoramabadi told the local Mehr news agency that “the lack of a filter on Facebook last night was apparently due to technical problems and the technological committee is investigating this issue… We are investigating to see which of these has done this”.

There are also suspicions that the authorities can be doing experiments to assess the social impact of a possible final opening.

“They are doing tests to see what happens if they remove the filters and see if they can control the situation or not,” said the computer engineer Arash Tajik, quoted by Reuters.

With the fixation of glitch, filters are back and Iran is back to the situation where it was since 2009, when authorities blocked social networks with the aim of preventing the opposition from using social networks to organize mega protests against alleged rigging in the reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Lets see if Iranian government is really planning to lift ban on social media sites or not but despite restrictions, Iranians are surfing blocked sites with the help of proxy servers and virtual private network.


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