Israeli Oil Refinery Giant BAZAN Hit by Fresh Wave of Cyber Attacks

The culprits behind the cyber attacks call themselves the Cyber Avengers, with an apparent connection from Iran.
Israeli Oil Refinery Giant BAZAN Hit by Fresh Wave of Cyber Attacks

Key Findings

  • BAZAN suffered cyber attacks (DDoS attacks) over the weekend.
  • The group that claimed responsibility for the attacks is Cyber Avengers.
  • BAZAN’s websites were taken offline and are blocked to users outside Israel.

In a recent cyber security incident, Israel’s leading oil refinery operator, BAZAN Group, was forced to combating cyber attacks that disrupted access to its websites for most users outside of Israel.

The company, renowned in the global oil industry with annual revenue exceeding $13.5 billion and a workforce of over 1,800 employees, holds a refining capacity of approximately 9.8 million tons of crude oil annually.

Over the past weekend, visitors attempting to access BAZAN Group’s websites, ( and, encountered issues such as HTTP 502 errors or server refusal, indicating potential problems with the company’s IT systems. However, users within Israel continued to navigate the websites, hinting at the implementation of a geo-block to mitigate the effects of the cyber attack.

The Iranian hacktivist group known as ‘Cyber Avengers’ or ‘CyberAv3ngers’ has publicly taken responsibility for the alleged cyber attack. On its Telegram channel, the group claimed to have successfully infiltrated BAZAN’s network during the weekend.

In an email to, Cyber Avengers said “The Cyber avengers are back to prove what’s been denied or censored by the Israeli government so far. The worst is yet to come.”

Adding to the gravity of the situation, the Cyber Avengers released screenshots, allegedly obtained from BAZAN’s SCADA systems. These systems are integral in monitoring and controlling industrial processes.

The leaked screenshots include diagrams of crucial systems, such as the “Flare Gas Recovery Unit,” the “Amine Regeneration” system, a petrochemical “Splitter Section,” and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) code.

Israeli Oil Refinery Giant BAZAN Hit by Fresh Wave of Cyber Attacks
BAZAN’s website is still inaccessible in the United Kingdom (Image:

However, in response, a BAZAN Group spokesperson swiftly dismissed the leaked materials as “entirely fabricated.” The company asserted that it was actively investigating the incident and refrained from providing further details.

BAZAN Group also assured that its servers and assets remain unharmed, suggesting that the cyber attacks aims to spread misinformation as an act of propaganda. The company is collaborating closely with the Israeli National Cyber Directorate and its partners to ensure the security and integrity of its operations during this challenging time.

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