Court Charges Kid with Bomb Threats and DDoS Attacks

A 15-year-old guy in Plymouth has been arrested by British police on the charges of launching DDoS attacks and for sending false bomb alerts via social media.

According to the police, the boy was involved in launching DDoS attacks to servers belonging to companies in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Furthermore, he also sent false warnings regarding bombs found in North American airlines. All the warnings were sent via social media.

For now the kid has been released on bail but will have to present in front of the youth court on December the 18th. The boy has been charged under the section of the criminal law, first under the Section 51 of the Criminal Law Act (2 offenses for bomb threats) and Section 3 of the Criminal act (3 offenses for DDoS attacks).

This is not the first time when a minor has been arrested and put on such criminal charges, just a month back UK police arrested a group of minors in connection to a breach of Talk-Talk’s data.

Devon & Cornwall Police did not reveal his name.

All these attacks can be credited to easily available hacking tools and tutorials which fascinate the teens and motivate them for such large-scale attacks. An example on easily available guides is a recently launched guide, the “NoobGuide” from Anonymous on how to easily hack and expose social media accounts of ISIS members, their sympathizers or the people who help IS (previously ISIS/ISIL) spreading their false ideology.

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