Linked Oculus Accounts Trigger Facebook and Instagram Suspension

META is suspending accounts of users on Facebook and Instagram, potentially linked to malicious Vietnamese activity involving META’s Oculus.

Experiencing a sudden Facebook or Instagram account suspension? You’re not alone. Suspicious activity on Oculus accounts linked to META users is going unaddressed as META opts for suspensions instead of addressing the root cause.

Multiple posts on social media platforms like Reddit suggest a sudden rise in Facebook and Instagram account suspensions, causing frustration among users, mainly because they are clueless about why this is happening.

Many users claim their accounts were suspended without warning or explanation, leaving them unaware of the alleged violation. Users complained about seeing a suspension message from Meta that read:

“Your account was suspended because your linked Meta account doesn’t follow our rules. Log into your linked account to appeal our decision.”

Linked Oculus Accounts Trigger Facebook and Instagram Suspension

Users are confused and frustrated due to Meta’s lack of transparency about suspension reasons and limited appeal options whereas the lack of communication from Meta regarding the suspensions is making it difficult to understand and address the situation.

Reddit user r/facebookdisabledme posted: “Facebook suspended my account without giving any specific reason. Trying to appeal is proving to be extremely difficult.”

Users on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit are reporting a connection between suspensions and their linked Oculus accounts, indicating a potential security issue within the VR platform. Further probing reveals that Vietnamese hackers could be exploiting vulnerabilities in the Oculus Meta system, which was acquired by Meta in 2014.

“There were 2 logins from Vietnam into my account (I’m from Belgium). Most likely that’s why Facebook suspended the account immediately? But I didn’t get any recovery mail or explanation” user u/Mammoth_Resolution_7 shared on Reddit.

One user claimed the hacker linked Meta Horizon account to his Facebook and another reported linking of Meta Oculus. 

According to sources, hackers are creating Oculus Meta accounts and linking them to victims’ social media accounts, registering them as unauthorized access, which is leading to thousands of account suspensions.

For your information, Meta introduced Meta Accounts in 2022 to allow the decoupling of Quest users’ devices from their Facebook profiles. This change was deemed inevitable as it prevented users from losing access to their Oculus Meta account if their Facebook account was banned. However, multiple accounts are still linked, affecting many Facebook or Instagram accounts’ safety.

It is also worth noting that Vietnamese cybercriminals have a history of targeting META and business pages on the platform, with instances of using DarkGate malware to steal login credentials.

Nevertheless, META almost member addresses why it suspends user accounts. However, to avoid account suspensions, users should review Meta’s Community Standards, check for official announcements on their website or social media platforms, contact Meta Support through their official channels, and be patient and persistent in navigating the appeal process.

Meta should provide clear communication and address concerns promptly and transparently, as it is crucial for users to understand the specific reason for their account suspension and to be patient and persistent in their efforts to reach out to them.

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