Man implants microchip in his hands to open doors & unlock car with ease

Who Need Keys when We have Human Implantable Technology- British Inventor Successfully Uses Microchip to Unlock Doors – Now you don’t need to worry about misplacing your keys because microchips are here to take care of them. A British creative genius Steve Northam has come up with a solution to use microchip for eliminating the use of keys for regular tasks like opening the home’s front door, office door and entering/starting the car.

The 33-year-old Otterbourne, England resident Northam implanted a chip in between his thumb and finger. However, his wife refused to follow suit and still relies upon keys. Northam, on the other hand, has to move his hand only to get inside the house and start his BMW Z4. He believes that this is a ground-breaking invention because it ensures the home and the car remain well-protected at all times.

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Man implants microchip in his hands to open doors & unlock car with ease
Steve Northam turning on his car with microchip (Credit: Solent News)

“If someone wants to break into my house, they don’t need my hand — they should just break a window. And if they want to steal a car they are not going to chop your arm off,” said Northam.

This microchip is the size of a rice grain, and the implantation process takes only 30 seconds to be completed while changing locks of houses and cars may take about a day. Seeing the effectiveness of this strategy, Northam is now collaborating with Dr. Geoff Watson, a consultant anesthetist at Winchester’s Royal Hampshire County Hospital, to offer implantation services to individuals and business across Britain.

Man implants microchip in his hands to open doors & unlock car with ease
X-ray report of Northam’s hand (Credit: Solent News)

A flat rate of $300 to $400 has been fixed for the whole process for individual use while for offices and companies the process of syncing all the doors and equipment with microchips would cost $6,500. The chips will be imported from the Far East and sterilized in Britain. So far, Northam, a part-time lecturer of business management at Winchester University, has managed to convince around 30 individuals for signing up.

Man implants microchip in his hands to open doors & unlock car with ease
Steve Northam unlocking door with microchip (Credit: Solent News)

Northam is the founder and director of a start-up investment company IncuHive while his new firm BioTeq is UK’s first company to use professional medical procedures for implanting microchips. According to Northam, human implantable technology is quite similar to the microchips that are implanted in cats and dogs. The chip needs to be stored in a sealed glass tube, and the implants require RFID/Radio-frequency Identification and NFC/near-field communication technologies to perform the task. The technologies are the same as used in smartphones.

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Man implants microchip in his hands to open doors & unlock car with ease
Credit: Solent News

This is nothing less than a breakthrough for medical science because Northam’s company is now planning surgeries across the United Kingdom and businesses, as well as individuals, are interested in implanting microchips. Northam has confirmed that there aren’t any trackers built into these microchips so it would not be possible for governments to track or locate the individual.

Seem like human implantable technology is the latest fad in the tech fraternity. A few days back a break rooms’ market software developer firm Three Square Market announced its plan to implant microchips in its employees so that they could carry out day-to-day tasks easily.

The Wisconsin based company also intends to install microchips in between the thumb and forefinger, just like Northam does, and hopes that it would help employees in accessing computer systems without logging in, making purchased and operating scanners apart from unlocking doors.

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