Mircosoft to Fix Some Critical Vulnerabilities by Tuesday

Microsoft has found seven vulnerabilities in its programs and has deemed of them critical. The critical are so serious that officials have said: “drop-everything-and-fix-this-now”. These loop holes are found in the following programs: Microsoft office, Windows, Internet explorer, Windows server and Silverlight.

While commenting on the type attacks lay down through vulnerabilities the officials said it involved simple malware attacks which involved bobby-trapped emails that involve viruses that can attacks the user’s systems. Furthermore, malicious web pages are also part of this attack.

Microsoft has warned all the users for a critical vulnerability on Silverlight, Office and IE. They have exposed a shocking truth regarding these which it can be remotely executed through codes. Furthermore, Microsoft has also predicted a complete deletion of the user’s information through major vulnerabilities.

Microsoft also disclosed two vulnerabilities found in Windows and exchange, one of vulnerability is related to windows i.e. MS 13-012 which allows the hackers to get into the user’s system through some media file such as the ones in MPEG format. The files contain malicious malwares which allows the hacker to have access to the system and have same control the system as original user.

Microsoft has announced a patch to be made every Tuesday of the week. So, the hackers each Tuesday would be tuning into Microsoft programs for finding vulnerabilities. Already, previous month 57 patches have been made by Microsoft. So, users need to remain updated to the Microsoft’s original site for patches as any missed can open a route for hackers to find a way into the systems.

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