Namibian Parliament & 10 Israeli Website Hacked by MoroccanGhosts

The hackers from Moroccan Ghosts have came up with two of their hacks in which the official website of Namibian Parliament ( was hacked and in second hack 10 Israeli websites were hacked and defaced.


The hackers left two different deface pages along with deface messages on all of the hacked websites, the message on Namibian Parliament site shows Moroccan anger over Namibian support on Algerian front of Polisario. According to the message “Website Hacked!! Coz You Support The Algerian Front of Polisario.. Dedicated to All Moroccans.”

Link of targeted website and its mirror can be found below:

While the hacked Israeli sites shows a simple deface note in support of Palestine, according to the deface message “Database deleted By # Moroccan Ghosts ..Dedicated to all Palestinian prisoners.”

Israeli sites hacked by Moroccan Ghosts


 The links of Hacked Israeli sites are given below.

At the time of publishing this article, the Namibian Parliament and all Israeli sites were hacked and displaying deface message left by the hackers. 

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