Nokia Lumia 510 – The Affordable Smartphone (Review)

Nokia has taken the smartphones market by storm with their Windows phone Lumia series. The latest edition in the series is Nokia Lumia 510. It is another amazing smartphone with all the classic features of a windows phone, all in an attractive package for the customers. The highlight of this particular release is the affordable price package for the customers.

Nokia Lumia 510 has all the features to be compared to the sleek and powerful series of smartphones, which are widely in demand in the market nowadays. The set has a wide and bright 4-inch touchscreen display, with 256 MB of RAM and 4GB of board storage. For a smartphone that is priced so low, these specs are not bad at all.

Previously, the Nokia Lumia 610 was supposedly the cheapest handset in the market in the smartphone series. However, the Nokia Lumia 510 is priced even lower than Lumia 610. The market price for Nokia Lumia 510 is currently landing around $150 only in the US market. Nokia has a keen eye on the rapidly expanding Asian market, and with this price tag in mind, it seems obvious that the major gross sales are going to come from the Asian market.

In Brief:

Screen Size: 4-inch touchscreen

Memory: 256 MB of RAM and 4GB of board storage

Price: Around $150 in theUS(Nokia Lumia 510 is priced even lower than Lumia 610)

Operating System OS: Windows 7.8

The operating system available for the Nokia Lumia 510 owners will be Windows 7.8. Considering the time it is released in the worldwide market, it seems obvious that the Lumia 510 owners will not be able to update to Windows 8. China is one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. Nokia realizes that, and this is the very reason for releasing a smartphone for such a low price. However, the fact that users cannot upgrade to Windows 8, while the WP8 release is drawing near every day, it is a challenging move from Nokia.


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