Official NATO Croatia Website defaced by TeaMp0isoN

Seems like TeaMp0isoN have learnt from their past experiences when their claims of hacks were rejected by concerned companies, so they came with proofs this time. TeaMp0isoN has defaced official website of NATO Croatia.

Logs from the affected server dating from 2010 to 2012 were also leaked and posted on Pastebin site.

Targeted Website:

Leaked Data:

Deface page uploaded by hackers

Message on the affected site reads:

Dividing up a country when a genuine uprising is taking place just to build military bases and steal the countries natural resources is wrong! – You were not needed in Libya, nor are you needed in Syria! You cover up the killings of innocent people in the name of democracy, companies like BAE Systems and BP oil benefit from the blood that is being spilt by YOUR hands! You spread propaganda through Rupert Murdoch’s media machine to get support for these genocides, the masses have allowed themselves to be dumbed down by the media, we have supported NATO terrorism against countries that disagree with NATO interest for way too long! We are all complicit in the murder of the innocent, It’s time to make a stand!

At the time of publishing this article, the NATO website was restored.

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