Okara Police Hacked, personal information leaked for #OpSlaughterHouse

Thank to CWN for reporting, the official website of Okara District Police (okarapolice.com) Pakistan was hacked by @ThisISGame0ver for #OpSlaughterHouse. 

Okara police site hacked

The hacker breached the site and leaked personal information of Police officers online, the details contains login details of website administrator’s usernames, address, contact details, phone numbers, plain text and encrypted passwords. 

After looking into the passwords set by the admin for a police site; it shows what a terrible and poor security the site has, as the passwords and usernames are as same as their names. For example: Username: Usman and password is Usman as well. 

The leaked data is available here which is in Urdu language.

However, this is not the first time when Okara police site was hacked, in past on 2nd Oct, 2011, the site was hacked by an unknown hacker. 

It is a well known fact that Pakistani government owned sites have terrible security and off course some major idiots running down the security, that’s why after one year of the hack, the admin of Okara police site didn’t changed their passwords. 

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