Opera Finally Introduces Free VPN for iOS – Opera VPN

Here comes Opera VPN for iPhone and iPad users absolutely free of cost!

Opera has done it again. Only a few weeks ago, the company launched free VPN (virtual private network) service for its browser. However, at that time, the service offered limited compatibility options. This time, Opera has launched its iOS app for free VPN so that users can enjoy unlimited access to secure private browsing.

The app has been named Opera VPN (direct iTunes link) and it lets users view content that is usually inaccessible due to political or social constraints. Such as in some countries YouTube is banned. There are so many websites that are banned in certain locations and with a free VPN, you can check out those websites without getting detected. The best part is that it also blocks ad-tracking cookies because it is equipped with a built-in ad-blocker.

Opera plans to introduce ads on the VPN app in future

Wondering how it works? Opera VPN, just like any other virtual private network, lets the user hide his or her actual location. It basically borrows a unique IP address that belongs to an entirely different geographic location. You can currently pick from any of these five locations namely- United States, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore and Germany.

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Opera stated that it has already planned to add more locations but this would happen in the upcoming update. It is true that Opera isn’t the first company to offer VPN service for iOS devices but the fact that it is offering this service for free does makes it the first and only one to do so. Another great aspect is that there aren’t any in-app purchases or subscriptions involved as of now, so you can use the service without any repercussions. However, Opera has informed that it may involve advertising in the future to meet the high costs that a VPN service entails in order to be offered for free. In a blog post, the company’s VPN division president Chris Houston stated that:

“While we don’t offer this today, we will likely introduce advertising into the application in the future. This is just the same as playing a free game that has ads – we get paid by advertisers based on our users’ engagement with their ads. The other way we make money is by collecting anonymous data about how people use their mobile device. We make this information available to third parties who are interested in better understanding the mobile ecosystem and how it’s evolving.”

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Here are some of the features for Opera VPN:

Strict no-logging
Fully featured, multi-device
Limited to use inside the Opera browser
Free to use
Anonymous market intelligence
Maybe advertising later

So what are you waiting for?  Give it a try and share your experience with us.

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