Police Smash Global Gang behind 500,000 Aussie Credit Card Thefts

Australia has recently faced probably one of the largest criminal activity online. A group of 16 Romanians were involved in this massive theft. The theft was done by the stole of the information of some 500,000 Australians, who has bought goods from 100 different business through their credit cards.

It is confirmed that at least 30,000 credit cards were used for the buying good of more then $30 million worth. The operation by the Australian police unfolded more. The thieves were having a 16 man group who have arrived from Romania  One of these thieves was Greco-Roman wrestling and martial arts champion. Which was the most shocking for the police. Though, investigators are not able find the reasons behind such an act of the world champion.

Furthermore, the police also found out the route for the thieves to get into the systems. According to them, the thieves found vulnerability of different business systems and they enter into it, which is quite a common practice these days for hacking into online systems. Most of these systems were found to be in areas of Victoria. The systems were belonged to varied businesses such as grocery, petrol pumps and retail outlets.

The police also figured out that this case was not a fraud of some $30 million goods, but it was more $750 million fraud, which was corrected by the  Australian Bureau of Statistics which calculated the worth of all the cards stolen by a survey which unfolded a figure of $1500 million fraud. By this, the police came to know that this group have been a professional group and have been since a significant amount of time been involved in these sort of activities. At least, 54 businesses has been figured out by the authorities to have been targeted by this particular group. 

This is probably 2012’s biggest cyber crime carried out by the people involved in it, the role of Australian police in this case was quite significant. A group 36 policeman made a timely raid on these cyber thieves and saved precious Australian treasury from being severely damaged. If the operation would have been delayed for even few months the results would have disastrous for the Australian people. This incident has also unfolded the vulnerabilities in the Australian small businesses system which are needed to be fixed as soon as possible by contacting a cyber specialist.


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