Resonance Hires Cybersecurity Pro George Skouroupathis As Its Offensive Security Lead

Resonance Hires Cybersecurity Pro George Skouroupathis As An Offensive Security Engineer

The appointment is a major coup for Resonance as Skouroupathis is widely regarded as an expert innovator in the cybersecurity space.

George Skouroupathis has previously worked with and for industry giants like Allendevaux & Company, Odyssey Cybersecurity, Cisco and several others.

Leading cybersecurity outfit Resonance has hired the prominent industry veteran George Skouroupathis to join its offensive security engineering team, which helps companies audit their software and smart contracts, and conduct penetration tests to discover vulnerabilities. 

Skouroupathis announced his decision to join Resonance in a post on LinkedIn, saying his new role will involve performing penetration tests, and cloud and browser extension security audits on behalf of the company’s clients. He’s also expected to play a key role in the development of some innovative new cybersecurity tools that the company has in the works. He didn’t reveal what those tools are but said they are expected to launch in the near future. 

The appointment is a major coup for Resonance as Skouroupathis is widely regarded as an expert innovator in the cybersecurity space, having held prominent positions at a host of Web2 and Web3 security firms. He most recently served as a senior cybersecurity analyst at Allendevaux & Company where he also worked on offensive security initiatives.

Before those experiences, he spent a number of years at Odyssey Cybersecurity, organizing and executing web, network and mobile application vulnerability assessments, investigating social engineering attacks and leading red teaming exercises. He has also picked up valuable experience from his tenure as a software developer at Silicon Valley giant Cisco Systems. 

In an interview posted on Resonance’s Medium blog, Skouroupathis said cloud security assessments and pentesting are his biggest interests at the moment. His skills in these areas make him an ideal choice for Resonance, which specializes in full-stack cybersecurity, focusing on browser extensions, decentralized applications and crypto wallets.

The company offers an extensive suite of cybersecurity products, similar to Splunk or Mandiant, only it extends its services to blockchain startups and Web2 companies, acting as a kind of concierge that provides full protection against various cyber threats. 

“I’ve had a natural inclination for problem-solving and tackling challenges since a young age, kind of a ‘bug’ that just stuck with me,” Skouroupathis said. “This passion led me into the fascinating world of cybersecurity since as it turns out solving a complex problem in this line of work is just the extension of solving a puzzle or a challenge as a kid.”

According to Skouroupathis, it was Resonance’s novel approach to cybersecurity and the people on its team that inspired him to join the company. He said he has previously collaborated with a number of Resonance’s staff in the past, so he knows the team well and expects to fit right in. 

“Working alongside experts in various domains is very important,” he explained. “It gives me the opportunity to continuously learn and evolve and also ensures top-notch results for clients by combining expertise from different areas.”

Skouroupathis also cited Resonance’s commitment to providing a full-stack security suite that covers Web2, Web3 and emerging technologies as another reason for joining the company. “I’m looking forward to working with the team, as I know that each of its members excels in their respective fields, and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by such accomplished professionals,” he added. 

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