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  • Hackers Pwned Apple Safari in 20 seconds; Google Pixel in 60 seconds

    Recent PWNFEST sends Google and Apple back to Basics — Hackers pwned Google Pixel and Apple Safari browser — Before this, the same hackers hacked Microsoft Edge and VMware all in few seconds. PWNFEST is an event organized in Seoul, South Korea where teams of white-hat hackers come to compete for cash prizes. The prizes are conditional upon […]

  • Over 300k Android Devices Infected with Banking Trojan

    Banking Trojans usually look for and exploit unidentified or overlooked vulnerabilities in web browsers. That’s because web browsers let these trojans infect a larger number of devices by expanding their exposure across the globe. The same has happened in this particular case where an Android banking Trojan codenamed as Svpeng used Chrome browser’s vulnerability to […]

  • Hacker finds flaw in Gmail allowing anyone to hack any email account

    Pakistani Student and a White Hat hacker Discovered a Vulnerability in Gmail’s Verification process that Allowed Hijacking of any email Account. It is a well-known fact that Google loves to give novice programmers, white hat hackers and security researchers an opportunity to prove their skills and capabilities by participating in Google’s Vulnerability Reward program. Also […]

  • Hackers Earn $215,000 for Hacking Nexus 6P, iPhone 6S

    Tencent Keen Security Lab Team Hackers Win $215,000 for Infecting a Fully Updated and Patched Nexus 6P. Challenging White Hat Hackers through competitions and bounties for identifying potentially harmful security flaws in latest or upcoming devices is currently the hot trend in the digital world. It is rather interesting to let security teams work hard and […]

  • Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to DRAMMER Attack

    DRAMMER, a dangerous threat to Android Devices — Google has awarded the researchers $4000 for identifying the bug but it will take a while for to get rid of it. IT security researchers from the University of Amsterdam have discovered a security flaw in the memory chip design used in Android Devices. The flaw allows […]

  • Dangerous Pork Explosion backdoor found in Android Devices

    Android Smartphones from Foxconn Manufacturer Plagued with Dangerous Security Flaw known as Pork Explosion. Android operating system has become quite vulnerable to hacking issues and Google has continuously been trying to fix the security flaws and make the system reliable enough for users around the world. However, despite all these efforts to patch up the […]

  • The next Google Chrome update will make it consume less RAM

    Google Chrome’s next update will make the browser consume less RAM than it usually does. We all know and we all use the all-great Google Chrome. What we also know that as web technologies become more advanced day by day, the burden on our not so advanced RAMs becomes greater and greater. To address this issue […]

  • Why and how to delete your Yahoo email account permanently

    This article talks about how to delete a Yahoo account permanently and why — After the recent NSA-related scandal, it’s quite obvious that the Yahoo! doesn’t care about its users’ privacy. By now you may already know that Yahoo worked as a US government tool by allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to scan the […]

  • Mac Malware Can Spy on You Through Webcam: Ex-NSA Hacker

    If you are a Mac user you need to be extra careful – Other than covering your webcam there is a tool that can protect your privacy when you are online on Skype or other video messaging platforms.  An ex-NSA hacker and currently research department head at Synack, Patrick Wardle, has been trying to find […]

  • DNS traffic monitoring, a threat to Tor users’ anonymity

    Tor Network Users May No Longer Enjoy Anonymity due to Exploitation of DNS Traffic Monitoring Karlstad University researchers in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Princeton University have identified that the Domain Name System (DNS) can be monitored to reveal identities of Tor network users. In fact, the researchers have revealed that this […]

  • SpyNote Trojan (RAT); Yet Another Bad News for Android Users

    SpyNote RAT was found leaked on a dark net forum — The researchers have warned about downloading Android apps from a third-party site to avoid this RAT infecting your device. Hackers love targeting Android devices due to its open source model and Google’s weak bouncer system that lets malicious apps pass by on the official Play […]

  • Facebook Photos Lead to Hacking of Facial Recognition System

    So hackers have successfully tricked Facial Recognition System using Facebook profile pictures — What next? A majority of tech firms rely on facial recognition technology for verification of their users. It is indeed a trusted mode of identity verification for some. But University of North Carolina’s team of researchers at the Usenix security conference held […]

  • Internet Connected Plugs can be Easily Exploited by Hackers

    Everything connected to the Internet is vulnerable — In the latest, it’s the Smart Socket! Smart sockets are such a blessing for us…..no? We can switch the lights and fans on and off without even leaving our chair. Smart sockets offer an opportunity to literally relax and become a couch potato. You can easily connect […]

  • Uber’s specially modified self-driving cars to hit the road this month

    Uber to launch self-driving cars in Pittsburgh This Month — You can take a ride for absolutely free! What comes to mind when people talk about self-driving or driverless cars? Google? Tesla? or Hacking them? That’s great but how about Uber for a change? Yes, Uber is working on driverless cars that will take over the roads in PA […]

  • Pokémon Go Exploitation Saga Continues; Beware of New Ransomware

    Pokémon Go is not only your favorite game but also a favorite target for cybercriminals — After malware infected apps here’s Pokémon Go Ransomware scam! Pokémon Go’s augmented reality tech has attracted the attention of gamers and mobile phones users like no other game has done ever before. It is being played by one and all, […]

  • Google Says ‘a bug’ removed West Bank and Gaza from the map

    Palestine on GoogleMaps never existed — However, ‘West Bank’ and ‘Gaza from the map were recently removed due to a“software bug.” Over the past week, there has been a lot of buzz on social media about Google removing Palestine from Google Maps – Truth is that Palestine was never even on Google Map since the beginning […]

  • Critical Security Flaws in Android Devices Affecting Millions of Users

    An IT security firm CheckPoint has discovered a set of critical security flaws in several Android devices affecting 900 million users worldwide. Dubbed QuadRooter by the research team, these security flaws can provide an attacker full access to any smartphone that is built using Qualcomm chipsets. Currently, Qualcomm processors are being used in 900 million Android devices. Qualcomm is the world’s […]

  • Beware of Fake Android Prisma Apps Running Phishing, Malware Scam

    Beware of fake Prisma photo editing app on Android store targeting users with phishing and malware scam! Prisma app for Android users was launched about a week ago, since then it has become one of the most used photo editing apps but with fame comes haters (just like when hackers added (Fake Pokémon Go app on Android store […]

  • ‘Our Mine’ Hacks Twitter Account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

    After Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg the ”Our Mine” hackers have found a new target and this time it’s Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey. On 9th July the Twitter account of Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey was taken over by ‘Our Mine” hacking group. The same group who has been hacking social media accounts of high-profile […]