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  • Researchers Send Secure Passwords Using the Human Body

    Sending passwords through an Internet connection or Bluetooth is not safe anymore so these researchers have developed a technology that sends passwords through nothing else but the human body. Researchers at the University of Washington have finally figured out a way to use a human body to transmit sensitive information such as your passwords and other […]

  • iOS 10 has vulnerability that leads to Cracking of iPhone Backups

    Russia security firm found critical vulnerability in iOS 10 allowing attackers to crack iPhone backups — The firm also claims that iOS 10 is weaker than previous updates. Apple has recently released the latest version of its operating system iOS and it is being perceived as a weaker version in comparison to previous ones because […]

  • Turns out iPhone 5c can be hacked with a $100 hardware

    Researcher hacks iPhone 5c device of San Bernardino shooter Rizwan Syed Farook with just $100 hardware — Remember, the FBI had paid $1.3 million to get Farook’s iPhone unlocked. It has been over six months since Apple was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to help bureau access data present on Rizwan Syed Farook’s iPhone 5c. The […]

  • Update iPhone to iOS 9.3.5; Prevent this Highly Sophisticated Spyware

    Apple is urging users to update their devices to the latest iOS 9.3.5 in order to protect yourself from a newly found Sophisticated iPhone Spyware. Apple’s iPhones are always in demand and the preferred choice of gadget-savvy users around the world but, we cannot ignore the fact that iPhone is the most widely attacked smartphone from both […]

  • Apple Users Hit with Large-Scale Smishing Scam

    Apple Users the Lone targets of Scammers — 7500 plus Users affected by Latest SMS-Phish Campaigns Already! Reports suggest that SMS Phishing campaigns are on a rise this summer and particularly Apple users are being targeted. The latest discovery by security gurus at Intel security (previously McAfee, Inc) is a clear proof of that. Security […]

  • WhatsApp and Myth Behind its Encrypted Chats

    WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption last month which was praised by privacy advocates however the reality is far from the truth! WhatsApp recently introduced end-to-end encryption for users worldwide and if you recently updated WhatsApp on your device you may have noticed an alert stating “messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption.” […]

  • Download Microsoft Pix App for Stunning Photo Results on Apple Devices

    Microsoft Pix is an amazing cam app for iPhone — We tried it and you should download it as well! Microsoft Pix—is it a Better Cam App for Apple Devices? We have been trying to identify the real reason behind claims by Microsoft that its new cam app Microsoft Pix is the best app for […]

  • Use Free Photo App Prisma for Awesome Edits and Effects

    Prisma is an Art Filters and Photo Effects and Editor app for free! Everyone wants to look good but when it’s about updating our pictures on social media there’s always an urge to look mindblowing. If you are among those users here is a free photo app for you which on Apple store that can turn […]

  • Apple Deletes App That Informed Users If Their iPhone is Hacked

    Apple has removed a security App from its app store claiming it’s misleading and confusing for users — The app was developed to inform users if they are being hacked and spied by malicious actors! The usual search keywords on Google about hacking are hacking tools, how to hack or how to know if I […]

  • The Art of Hiding Cellphone, Laptop Cameras From Hackers and Government

    Security agencies can spy on you through your laptop and smartphone cameras — It’s time to cover them. With new and modern technology comes great responsibility for us as users to continue taking care and worrying about our privacy. Technology has done so much in our lives, connecting us to family, friends, and lost friends; […]

  • iPhone Users Hit with iCloud Account Deactivation Phishing Scam

    iPhone users in the United Kingdom have been targeted with yet another phishing scam designed to steal their iCloud accounts — The scam may spread all over the word due to its uniqueness.  Crooks are targeting iPhone users in the United Kingdom with a sophisticated phishing scam through text messages containing malicious link designed to […]

  • Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard for iPhone Makes Texting Easy

    This keyboard makes it easy for people to chat with just one hand — It’s only available in US-based iOS stores. Now that Windows Phone failed to leave a mark and Windows 10 Mobile isn’t going places, Microsoft‘s is now on a fierce mission to lead the race with iPhone by its apps. Microsoft’s came […]

  • Cop Exploited iPhone App to Secretly Watch Mom Breastfeeding

    If you are using baby monitor this alert is for you — Thanks to Find my iPhone feature as well! Baby monitors have been in trouble lately and this new incident has re-established the fact that one needs to be very careful while using these devices. — In the latest occurring, a cop has been […]

  • Viber to Put Full End-to-End Encryption on Their Messaging App

    Viber to put encryption to their messaging app People are definitely worried about the threat of hacking and malware, as every other day we get to hear about some firm switching to more advanced encryption techniques so as to make its services safer and secure for users. The latest to join the encryption bandwagon is […]

  • U.S government requested information on 5,200 accounts from Apple

    Being a tech giant is not easy — The government requesting data on users can be a headache as revealed in Apple’s latest report Apple has revealed the latest US law enforcement agency requests for user information that the government lodged during the second half of the 2015 year period. The government lodged 1,015 requests […]

  • Hackers can track your iPhone whatever security measures you take

    Congressman’s iPhone hacked easily on 60 Minutes show — The demo reveals hackers can spy and monitor everything on your mobile whatever security measures you take After all the fuss about how the FBI was able to get a pass into an iPhone recently, 60 Minutes decided to do their own research. Unfortunately according to […]

  • “Evil Skype” Malware Kit “Su-A-Cyder” Lets Attacker Spy on Apple Devices

    An “evil” version of Skype is uploaded to an Apple iPhone. A whitehat hacker created a tool that automates the process of turning good apps bad and uploading it to a non-jailbroken device. Apple is known for some of the safest smartphones, as the FBI has found all too apparent recently. However, if you have […]

  • Backdoor on Your Smartphone Already Exists — Explained

    Though the FBI has already hacked into the iPhone of suspected San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook, there’s something missing — Mr. Kokumai, President of Mnemonic Security, Inc explains the reality of backdoor in our smartphones It appears that something crucial is overlooked in the heated debates about the backdoor on smartphones, which is the focus point of […]

  • FBI Finally Hacks San Bernardino Gunman’s iPhone Proving Snowden Was Right

    The FBI has hacked into the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook and it didn’t even require for Apple’s help The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims that it has finally managed to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino suspected shooter without Apple‘s assistance — The hack also proves ex-NSA’s spy Edward Snowden right when he called the […]