Taiwan Red Cross Website Hacked by Samurai Hacker

Well known Turkish hacker who goes by the handle of SAMURAI and is apart of Turk Hack Team has contacted us with information about his latest successful hack of the official Taiwan’s Red Cross website.

Samurai hacker has successfully hacked the official website of Red Cross Taiwan website, leaving his name and message on the main page.

According to the message left by hacker:


No War ! 

HACKED BY SAMURAI // Black-Box No War !
HACKED BY SAMURAI // Black-Box No War !Samurai@turkhackteam.net bysamurai.wordpress.com.

Link of hacked website: http://www.redcross-tw.org/

Mirror of hacked website: 

Samurai hacker is known for his high profile hack,  World Health Organization (WHO) Indonesia website anUNESCO Cuba and UN Philippine websites are few among his many hacks.

At the time of writing this article, the Red Cross website was showing messages left from hacker.

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