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  • Facebook goes down; comes back with suspicious account activity alert

    The social media giant Facebook had a service interruption earlier today locking some users out from their accounts with a warning message that their account has been compromised since “someone may have logged into your account.” Further, the message explained that “in order to keep your information secure we’ve locked your account. Before we can […]

  • Check How Facebook AI Monitors Your Activities with this Crazy Chrome Extension

    It isn’t a secret that Facebook studies the activities of its users for miscellaneous purposes using its Artificial Intelligence mechanism. It helps the social network in showing relevant information on your News Feed, which is usually evaluated by analyzing your social media interests and salient activities on the website. However, now you have an open […]

  • US could demand social media passwords of visa applicants

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced at a hearing that discussions are being held with regards to the introduction of more stringent vetting measures as part of the pre-screening of visa applicants. One of the prerequisites under discussion is the disclosure of social media account passwords to American embassies upon applying for visas. More: US […]

  • “This is you?” message is the latest scam to be distributed via Facebook

    Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, and that makes it an attractive target for cyber criminals and online scammers.  The latest to join the bandwagon of message-based scams on the social network is “This is you?” scam. What’s happening is that users receive a message on their Facebook […]

  • Facebook Launches “Security Key” Feature to Protect User Accounts

    Security Key is the latest feature to be added into the Facebook’s always expanding array of features. It has been introduced exclusively for two-factor authentication, which is required at the time of logging into the website. Through Security Key, the mandatory requirement of receiving a verification code via SMS will be eradicated. Facebook’s security team […]

  • Hacker claims our private cell number on Facebook may not be so private

    Inti De Ceukelaire, a Belgian hacker and security researcher has discovered a new method that further sabotages Facebook’s claim to protect users’ data through its supposedly comprehensive privacy setting features. De Ceukelaire has discovered that he can exploit Facebook to obtain cell phone numbers of users; which they want to remain hidden. According to De Ceukelaire, he […]

  • Researchers Expose Fake Android Apps Stealing Instagram Passwords

    Instagram undoubtedly is a very popular social networking platform, which is the main reason why it attracts the attention of cyber-criminals, hackers and scammers so frequently. According to latest findings from the mobile malware research team at Intel Security, Google Play store has become a haven for Instagram password stealers. These malicious cybercriminals are distributing […]

  • IHOP’s Twitter account hacked; retweets a tweet against Hillary Clinton

    On Sunday, the International House of Pancakes or IHOP stated that their Twitter account was hacked after the appearance of a politically charged retweet involving a tweet from a user going by the handle of PoojaSlays about Hillary Clinton citing that the ex-first lady ran a “major garbage campaign.” Must Read: Twitter suspends ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli’ account […]

  • Facebook users hit with “You are in this video?” malware scam

    Until now you must have heard about so many scams involving Facebook Messenger that whenever you see a suspicious chat message sent from other friends on your Facebook profile, you instantly feel alerted. However, there are still innocent Facebook users who fall prey to such scams every other day. The latest scam also uses the […]

  • Brazilian Gov’t Twitter account mistakenly posts social media passwords

    Earlier today, the official Twitter account of Brazilian government portal @PortalBrasil sent out an alert tweet to its 502,000 followers that “National Force will remain in the State of Rio Grande do Norte for 60 days,” but along with the tweet, came a Google Drive link which upon clicking took users to an excel file […]

  • Twitter suspends ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli’ account for harassment

    Twitter account of the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals Martin Shkreli aka pharma bro has been suspended by Twitter after a series of tweets harassing Lauren Duca, an American freelance writer & reporter. It all started when Shkreli started tagging Duca in his tweets and even changed his bio to “I have a small crush […]

  • OurMine Group Hacks Nat Geo Photography’s Twitter Account

    The OurMine hacking group is back with yet another high-profile social media hack. This time, the group has hacked the official Twitter account of Nat Geo Photography about an hour ago and started a series of Tweets to its 2.71 million followers. After taking over the verified account of Nat Geo Photography the group posted their signature tweet […]

  • Beware: Facebook collects data about your offline life through data brokers

    Facebook needs no introduction; it is a social networking platform that helps you connect with your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones, as well as lets you find new acquaintances and even life partner. It is a very useful platform but sadly, Facebook is also involved in activities, which many users would consider an invasion […]

  • US Immigration asking foreign travelers for their social media account details

    The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) devised a new rule in June this year for foreign travelers wishing to visit the US. According to the new rule, foreign travelers are required to give their social media account details to US Immigration authorities. A US government official stated that foreign travelers in the country […]

  • Scammers spreading celebrity nude PDFs on Facebook, pushing malware installation

    Google Chrome is one of the most used Internet browsers but lately, it is being used by cybercriminals and scammers to infect users with adware, malware and other malicious programs due to the low level of scrutiny on its web store. Recently, an Internet security firm Cyren discovered a malicious Chrome extension spreading nude celebrity PDFs all […]

  • Facebook Technical Glitch Making Old Pictures Reappear on Timeline

    Would you not find it surprising and somewhat suspicious if the photos that you posted on Facebook months ago make a comeback and re-appear on your timeline? You would definitely get alarmed. So if you are facing the same issue, believe us, you are not alone. This issue started affecting Facebook users since Friday. Many […]

  • Ransoc Desktop Locker Ransomware Scans Social Media Profiles for Exploitation

    Researchers have identified a new scheme of ransomware called Ransoc. It is a new type of desktop locking malware that gets activated after it discovers evidence of media files downloaded via Torrents or child pornography links on the targeted computer. Usually, ransomware tries to encrypt all files on the target computer and then sends out […]

  • Facebook buys stolen passwords on the black market to protect your account

    Facebook Relying on Black Market for Buying Passwords and Safeguard Users Privacy How will you react if Facebook asked you to come up with a different password for logging into your account and to forget about the password you are using for years? Most probably you will feel annoyed. What if we tell you that […]

  • It’s not just you: Twitter was down everywhere

    It’s not your Internet connection so don’ panic, Twitter was down for everyone. Twitter was down almost all over the world for over 15 minutes. We asked our readers in Australia, India, Pakistan and US who confirmed that the social media giant was down. It is unclear what’s the reason behind the outage however last month […]