Top 5 Internet Predictions for 2012

Top 5 Internet Predictions for 2012

2012 is coming with a lot of expectations; hence there have been lots of predictions about The internet in this year as well. Most people consider that these predictions are useless, but they can provide a certain idea about the future too. They might not be correct every time, but they surely clarify one’s thinking regarding the future. Customers are expecting retailers to be on the web during this coming year due to the expansion of e-commerce and mobile. Hence, 2012 is expected to see a huge development in terms of the web industry. Here are the top five predictions about the Internet:

1. Rise of more business problems and regulations

COPA is dealing with copyright infringement and it is felt that some innocent casualties can also result due to it. Moreover, US recession is also affecting site sales and it has caused websites to focus more on converting their visitors into sales. It is a common fact that quality traffic is getting more expensive, and the successful ones are those who are able to turn their visitors into sales. The same trend will continue during 2012 as well. The fact is that 2012 has been predicted with the end of the world, though it might not be true, but it is obvious that there might be many problems during this year. The question is how you will deal with them.

2. Chrome will rule

For the past few years, Firefox and Internet Explorer have slowly dropped in their popularity. Chrome, on the other hand, has been on a steady rise. Right now Chrome has passed Firefox and IE is dominant too. With the expectation that Chrome will unite with Android, Chrome’s numbers may climb sharply.

3. Rise of Ecommerce and entertainment-focused companies:

With the ever growing popularity of Internet that is reaching over a billion people now, Vertical markets have grown so massively that can even support huge companies that have a focus on one product category. With such companies leading nowadays, value creation and investment will surely prosper during 2012.

4. More focus on mobile development:

2011 shopping season has proved the fact that people are getting more interested towards the mobile web. Around 15% traffic came through mobile devices, which is double in number than the previous year. Shoppers using iPads were seen spending more money than desktop shoppers. Hence, retailers will try to match the scope and size with their mobile teams in 2012.

5. The popularity of social networking sites:

The most famous social networking site Facebook is believed to reach to 1 billion users in 2012. It already has 800 million accounts and people still expect the rise of this site as it is getting dominant in a big developed market. 2012 is also expecting to see more popularity of Twitter which makes use of various ad formats that is why it is believed that Twitter will really scale up during the coming year.
Hence, these predictions are based upon the current situation of the Internet world and the expectations from it during the coming year. So there is a certainty of these predictions to become true as well.


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