Tranzeo Wireless Hacked, 40,000+ accounts leaked by DarkWeb Goons

The hacker going by the handle of DarkWeb Goons has contacted us with his latest hack in which he hacked into the Canadian based Tranzeo wireless company (, leaking its complete database and login details of over 40,000 users and staffs.

The hack was also announced by the hacker on his official Twitter account, according to which:


The hacker also left a message on the data pasted on Pastebin, according to the message:

#Our message to ALL web-masters & server admins;

None of you are safe, none of your web servers are secure enough to withstand us.
We will come for you, you will feel the emence power of our members.
We are Black Hats, we are not careless, but nor do we give a shit.

Something you may not now;
We have found a vulnerability inside a recent Cloudflare-ngnix server/s.
Within the next 2 weeks, you will see just how powerful we actually are.


#DarkWeb Goons.

The targeted website is and leaked data is available here on

According to CyberWarNews, The leaked data contains a full exportation of the server and its database as well as the /etc/passwd file. The databases that have been leaked include the core MySQL administration credentials as well as logins for the site and its bbpress forum.

Other data contains usernames, emails and encrypted passwords of either the clients or staff, one can say that no sensitive data was leaked, yet hacking into a high profile wireless service provider is itself an embarrassment for that company.

Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc is a Canadian based company providing technology service and solutions. 

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