Turkish Attackers Shut Down Russian Central Bank Website

Turkish hackers just took down the official website of Russian Central Bank amid tension near Syrian-Turkey border. 

A group of Turkish hacktivist going with the handle of Turk Hack Team has conducted a powerful DDoS attack on the official website of Russian Central Bank earlier today forcing it to go offline for over 10 minutes. 

While talking to HackRead, the Black-Spy attacker from THT explained that the reason for targeting the Russian bank was to send a message to Russia.

“Don’t ever try to violate our airspace again, we are Turks and we don’t back down.”

He further said that we are not targeting the site anymore as the message has been delivered. The attacker tagged HackRead in one of his Tweets about the attack on the RCB website:

THT is a pro-Erdoğan hacking group who made it to the news in April 2015 for shutting down the official website of Vatican City against Pope Francis’ remarks in which he used the word ‘genocide’ to refer to mass killings of Armenians by Turks.

Earlier today, Turkish airforce planes took down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border in which one both of the pilots died. The Turkish air force claimed that there were several warning issued by the control tower urging the Russian pilots to leave the Turkish airspace. However, things are still unclear.

At the time of publishing this article, the website of Russian Central Bank was restored and available online.

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