US Air Force Culture & Language Center Hacked, Highly Sensitive Personal Details Leaked by Turkish Ajan

The official website of US Air Force Culture & Language Center () has been hacked, as a result highly sensitive personal details of military officials have been leaked online by Turkish Ajan Hackers.

One of the member of Turkish Ajan going with the handle of Maxney contacted me on Twitter, claiming the hack which shows hackers were able to edit and replace some of site content with the choice of their own, such as: 

  • Hacked, Turkish Agent was here

The leaked data was uploaded on SandSpace that consist of 236.05 KB rar file, distributed in 7 xls files which shows registration details, usernames, official and unofficial emails, computer names, ranks, experience details, spouse names, official and unofficial phone numbers, given assignments, experience and specialty details along with date of births of several US Air Force and other military officials such as LT Cols, Majors and Captains. 

Another leaked file shows Doctrine details with 652 emails including ones with their encrypted passwords and IP addresses.

Link of targeted site with its zone-h mirror and leaked data are given below:

After analyzing the data I have found it legit and never been leaked before, however it has full potential to put the US air force Culture & Language Center officials in trouble.

At the time of publishing this article, the website of US Air Force Culture & Language Center was down.


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