Victoria VR Becomes First Virtual Reality Developer to Integrate OpenAI

Virtual reality developer Victoria VR has announced that it is integrating OpenAI into its builder. The move makes Victoria VR the first web3 project to bring AI capabilities to virtual reality, streamlining VR content creation.

Victoria’s VR AI Builder enables anyone to design their own virtual realities, games, and applications with no programming knowledge required. This capability empowers users to create and monetize their own virtual spaces. Use cases include games, digital shops, interactive showrooms, virtual offices, online schools or even whole new VR worlds.

The integration of OpenAI into Victoria’s VR AI Builder will unlock a host of new possibilities for content creation. It will enable users to create a rich variety of custom content including in-game items and virtual accessories. From creating characters to constructing entire metaverses, the Victoria VR builder powered by OpenAI will unleash a wave of innovation and provide greater personalization within virtual worlds.

OpenAI prompts will allow users to easily create bespoke items and content with no coding required. As a result, rich metaverses and digital spaces can be created on demand. The integration of OpenAI, scheduled for late 2024, will be followed by other AI integrations, providing creators with broad scope for constructing original VR content.

In addition to OpenAI, Victoria’s VR AI Builder will integrate AI technologies such as DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. Creators can leverage these powerful tools to elevate their ideas and apps. This will expedite the creation process, allowing VR-powered digital worlds to be rapidly manifested.

The rollout of AI capabilities within Victoria VR will support the creation of 3D assets as well as entire 3D environments. Through integrating OpenAI, Victoria VR will empower users to create immersive virtual worlds whose only limits are their imagination. It will support mini-games and metaverse applications created using Victoria’s VR AI Builder.

By providing simple prompts, users can instruct the AI to create shops, malls, and entire worlds, rendered in detail and to their exact specifications. This will spark a stream of VR custom content, transforming users into creators and unleashing unique applications. Content is rendered as NFTs that the creator controls, supporting full asset ownership.

Victoria VR features a virtual reality metaverse defined by ultra-realistic graphics and gameplay. Available on the Apple Vision Pro, Oculus Quest 3 and others, Victoria VR combines the power of virtual reality with the unique benefits provided by web3 technology.

The complexity of VR development currently places it beyond the reach of most people. It requires advanced coding and design skills to add textures, create models, and apply animation. The Victoria VR builder will eliminate the barriers to virtual reality development, paving the way for new metaverse experiences powered by the $VR tokens.

About Victoria VR

Victoria VR is a realistic Virtual Reality metaverse with VR AI Builder that allows anyone to create and trade VR content as NFTs. Powered by Unreal Engine, Victoria VR leverages the latest virtual reality technology. Its metaverse promises immersive entertainment, discovery and learning in a world full of VR experiences and opportunities. Victoria VR is the first web3 metaverse to be available within the Apple Vision Pro. Learn more:

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