World Wildlife Foundation China Hacked, 58k User Credentials Leaked by DarkWebGoons

A hacking group with the handle of DarkWeb Goons have hacked into the official website of World Wildlife China (WWF) and left with releasing over 58,4111 login details.


The hackers announced the hack on their official Twitter account. The leaks includes the targeted domain and details of over 58k users at the WWF China.

Our Target: World Wildlife Foundation, China.


#Goon. #INST1NCT. #Corrupt.
DarkWeb Goons.

The data on the pastie contains website admin details of WWF China with 18 usernames, emails and plain text passwords; the passwords for all admins accounts are 123456, which shows the lack of skills and poor approach towards the password security.

Other then the admin details, there are details containing usernames, emails and plain text passwords of users, staff and the clients of the WWF China. Most of the emails are Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Chinese email service provider company based.

Targeted website:

Credential details available on:

At the time of publishing this article, the website of WWF China was facing hard time loading.

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