0G and OnePiece Labs Collaborate to Create Crypto x AI Incubator

0G Labs and One Piece Labs have announced the launch of the first incubator for startups working at the intersection between blockchain and AI. The OPL x 0G incubator is designed to scout and support talented Web3 founders who are looking into how AI can help crypto use cases, or vice versa.

The design space of combining crypto with AI has been relatively underexplored so far, in part due to the novelty of both technologies and the deep knowledge in both industries required to find synergies. With the OPL x 0G incubator, the teams hope to give an impetus for ambitious builders to come up with their unique ideas on how to combine the best ideas in crypto and AI. 

Applications to the OPL x 0G Incubator will close on June 14, 2024. The program will start on July 1 and run for 10 weeks, with a demo day planned for September 12. Participants will receive hands-on guidance from 0G for deploying on its Data Availability layer, as well as access to a large network of mentors and investors in the Web3 and AI space. Finally, high-impact teams can secure up to $50,000 in grant funding disbursed by 0G.

Builders can submit a large range of ideas that combine crypto with AI to benefit either sector. 0G and OPL identified several concepts including AI DAOs, ‘DePIN 2.0’ and trustless prediction marketplaces as ideas where AI applications may help crypto use cases thrive.

Conversely, Verifiable Training, Transparent LLM Drift and alternative paths to Verifiable Inference are some of the concepts where participants could explore Web3-native solutions to improve the security and efficiency of AI models. However, many more exciting ideas could be brought up by the participants, which is the ultimate goal of the Incubator.

“The initiative with OPL is designed to harness the revolutionary potential of modular AI chain technologies and blockchain innovation, creating a platform where top-tier developers can collaborate, innovate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Michael Heinrich, Co-Founder of 0G Labs. “Together, we are committed to empowering a top Web3 and decentralized AI developer community to build not just applications, but legacies.”

0G is a modular blockchain project that aims to alleviate the major pain points of using blockchain for AI. By offering a modular architecture that is unencumbered by legacy consensus algorithms and execution, it aims to ultimately boost bandwidth by more than 50x the current state of the art, thus making AI tasks and projects runnable on blockchain.

“We’re beyond excited to be working with 0G on our Incubator Batch #4, which promises to be the most impactful yet,” said KJ Jia, Partner at OnePiece Labs. “I’m confident that the 0G team is made of some of the smartest and most resilient builders I’ve seen, and everyone should be jumping at the chance to work closely with them on one of the most important future developments of this decade.”

OnePiece Labs is a Web3 Incubator providing seed funding, mentorship and invaluable community networks to support founders building in Web3. With strong ties in the Bay Area community, it has seen over $30M raised by its portfolio startups over just two cohorts.

About 0G

0G is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider that is building the leading modular AI blockchain creating solutions to implement on-chain AI applications in the Web3 ecosystem. The platform achieves high data availability through its unique architecture separating data storage and data publishing. 

By ensuring throughputs of 50 GB/second, a full 50,000x faster than competitors, and a cost that is 100x lower, 0G has positioned itself as a leader in bringing high data use cases, such as scalable L2s and modular AI, into the Web3 ecosystem.

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