10 years prison for man who hacked 200 firms & sold data on Dark Web

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Arrested anonymous computer hacker and cyber criminal with handcuffs wearing hooded jacket hiding face, on network background with worms and virus concept.

The hacker also sold drugs on Dark Web and taught others how to carry cyber attacks and scams.

Grant West, a notorious Dark Web hacker from Britain has been sentenced to 10 years and 8 months in prison for hacking hundreds of companies, stealing data of millions of customers and selling it on Dark Web marketplaces.

West hacking attacks targeted profile companies around the world including Apple, Argos, Asda, Uber, and JustEat, Groupon, and Nectar etc. West also sold illegal drugs on now seized AlphaBay marketplace and taught people how to carry cyber attacks on others – Shockingly, he carried over 47,000 sales on Dark Web.

In one of his cyber attacks, West conducted a phishing scam against online food order and delivery service JustEat. The scam was successful as he stole personal and card data from over 160,000 customers and ended up selling it on Dark Web.

Man hacked 200 firms & sold data of millions of users on dark web
Grant West selling data and drugs on

West used his girlfriends’ laptop to carry out a phishing scam by sending malicious emails tricking its users into falling for a fake survey.

Caught redhanded in an undercover operation

West was arrested in September 2017 while traveling from Wales to London on a first class train ticket. Thanks to the Metropolitan Police’s cybercrime unit his arrest was a result of an undercover operation in which he was caught redhanded while logging in to a Dark Web marketplace from his laptop.

Man hacked 200 firms & sold data of millions of users on dark web
Grant West

The cybercrime unit also raided his caravan which he used for living in Isle of Sheppey in Kent. The police found an SD card which contained credit and debit card details of over 63,000 users and more than 75 million login credentials including usernames, emails, and passwords he stole during the hacking spree.

The unit also seized an account containing $676,773 (£500,000 – €565,034) worth of Bitcoin and $33,838 (£25,000 – €28,251) in cash from the same caravan.

Watch how West was arrested

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