22 Chinese Government Websites Hacked by Barbaros-DZ


The well known Algerian hacker going with the handle of Barbaros-DZ has contacted me with some special defacement in which 22 Chinese government sites have been hacked and defaced from 29th Jan to 19th February 2013. 

Barbaros-DZ hacker who has hacked around 4000 Chinese websites in last six months promised to keep attacking Chinese cyber space. 

In today’s defacement, the hacker left his usual deface page along with a message on all 22 hacked websites, according to which  greetings to other hackers and promise to continue hacks against China. “Hacked by Barbaros-DZ ..Algerian Hacker..Greetz: Bb0yH4cK3r_Dz | BOB_Dz | Dz Mafia | HTC 28 DZ | Kader11000..Ked Ans | Smail002 | TiGER-M@TE | The-DarKKn!ght | x00t | yasMouh…Contact: barbaros “@” live.ru…To be continued.”

The hacked sites belong to dalang town dongguan city’s Government Central School, Dali Muncipal Civil Affairs Bureau Information Network and Weihai Hongdun City Information Network etc. 

Links and mirrors of hacked websites can be found on Zone-h.

At the time of publishing this article, some websites were restored while rest were taken offline.

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