300+ Indian Websites Hacked by Sizzling Soul & P@khTuN72

Its been a while since Sizzling Soul & co got into Indian cyber space, today they are back with hacking more then 300 Indian websites. 

In an email conversation, the Sizzling Soul told HackRead that these sites are hacked for a simple reason, the reason is that Indian hackers are hacking Pakistani websites and we don’t need any cyber war at this very moment. 

The hackers left their deface page, a message on all the hacked websites and also on Pastebin along with the complete list of hacked websites. 

According to the message:

You have been hacked by Sizzling Soul and P@khtun~71!!, We are always here to give boots to Asses!!.. Greets to All Pakistani hackers. Stay Away From our Cyber Space!! We Are Still Alive!! You want Peace Or War..Choice Is Yours..

The complete list of hacked websites can be found on PasteBin:


The Mirrors of hacked websites can be found on following links:


To view past hacks by Sizzling Soul visit here

At the time of publishing this article, all the websites were displaying deface page uploaded by the hackers. 


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