Why You Should Use These 5 VPN Services

There are hundreds of VPN services on the market currently. The demand for VPN services has been on the rise in the recent past, thanks to the trend in which governments in various countries around the world are adopting legislation that limits the digital privacy rights of individuals. The problem is that you may find it hard to choose the most appropriate VPN service that you can use. Well, we have done the research part for you and here are five top VPN services for you and the reasons as to why you should use them:


One of the main reasons as to why you should use IPVanish is that the service does not keep client logs at all. In practice, all services maintain only the records that they need to bill their clients and improve their services. However, some services maintain detailed records of the activities of their clients. The problem with services that keep detailed information about the activities of their clients is that law enforcement agencies can force such clients to give up the records.

The good thing about IPVanish is that it does not keep clients logs. Because the service does not keep client logs, law enforcement agencies cannot obtain detailed information about the online activities of individuals who use the service.


There are several reasons as to why you should use VyprVPN. In the first place, this VPN service has its proprietary network infrastructure, unlike what the case with many other VPN services. Because the service has its unique network infrastructure, it offers its clients relatively high connectivity speeds. Therefore, if you are to use a VPN service to stream content online, you should consider using VyprVPN because of the high connectivity speeds that you will experience.

Second, the service has a unique feature called the ‘Chameleon’ stealth technology that overcomes internet censorship. The feature helps to bypass the specific restrictions that authorities place on ports as a way of blocking access to particular websites. Therefore, you should use VyprVPN to defeat Internet censorship practices and access content at fast speeds.


Express VPN is one of the oldest VPN services on the market. Given the long period in which the service has been in operation, the service is now one of the best regarding the use of security features and other attributes. You should use Express VPN to safeguard your online privacy. The service uses some of the most advanced security features for VPN services. For example, it has the kill switch engage feature that helps to prevent leakage of IP addresses when you lose your connection to the VPN server.

The service also has a .onion web address. You can use the web address to access the web in a more secure way than it is the case when you use the ordinary servers of the service. Therefore, you should use Express VPN to remain totally safe when you are online at all times.


First, You should use NordVPN because it allows you to make payments using Bitcoins. Not many VPN services allow you to pay using new methods such as Bitcoin and others. Therefore, the fact that Nord VPN is among the few VPN services that allow you to use this mode of payments makes it one of the VPN services that you should use.

Second, Nord VPN does not keep logs of the activities of its customers. Additionally, the service uses unyielding encryption methods, the most notable one being P2P. You can use this service to keep your communication safe by relying on its use of a highly reliable strong encryption protocol.

Third, Nord VPN has a strong focus on protecting the privacy of its clients. The service has its headquarters in Panama, a small country with highly liberal laws in place. Therefore, governments that seek to snoop on what their citizens are doing find it difficult to access the content of NordVPN clients. Therefore, you can rely on this VPN service to remain anonymous and safe when you are online.


The main reason as to why you should use HideMyAss VPN relates to its strong focus on the security of its clients. The service uses some of the most advanced VPN security features to keep your traffic safe from third parties. Therefore, when you use it, you can rest assured that third parties will not find it easy to access your traffic.

Second, HideMyAss has a reputation as one of the VPN services on the market with secure server networks. The service has servers spread in many countries across the world. Because this service has a strong server network, it provides its clients with high connectivity speeds at all times.

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In conclusion, you should use these five VPN services because they use strong encryption protocols, accept different payment methods and do not keep logs of client data. Moreover, these VPNs have additional security features that make them the best services that you can rely on to safeguard your digital privacy.

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