Al Jazeera Mobile hacked, false news alerts sent claiming attack on Qatar PM

According to Doha News, after the hacking of Aljazeera News Network (Arabic) by Syrian Electronic Army, now the official subscribers service of the channel for its SMS breaking news has been hacked, alerts were sent false updates when its system was hacked this evening.

Syrian Electronic Army claimed the responsibility and posted a screen shot, where an inside view of subscribers service has been shown.

A message was apparently sent out claiming that an attempt had been made to assassinate Qatar’s prime minister, but he had survived. Another update falsely stated that Sheikha Moza, the wife of Qatar’s emir, had been “lightly wounded.”

The hack was announced on Syrian Electronic Army’s official Facebook page and also on their official website. Hackers also explained by the mobile service was hacked. The original message from hackers is in Arabic, however we will put the translation in English for our readers.

According to hackers:

لأننا والحق أكثرية ولان العقول السورية هي عقول نور ونار صدرت الحضارة للعالم وعلمت الكون الحروف وكنا قد حزرنا مراراً وتكراراً اننا مستمرون في مسيرة النصر وان المتآمرين على بلادنا سوف يلاقون مصير واحد محتوم هو الذل والهوان .

قسم المهام الخاصة في الجيش السوري الإلكتروني تقوم منذ قليل باختراق نظام الرسائل الخاص بالجزيرة موبايل وأرسله بواسطته رسائل لمشتركي هذه الخدمة في جميع الدول المنتشرة بها .

إن رسالتنا هي إعلاء صوت الحق السوري ونحن مستمرون في معركتنا في هذا الفضاء الإلكتروني مساندين لجيشنا الباسل في سحقه لأعداء الوطن في الداخل , نحن على العهد باقون

English Translation:

Because we have the right majority and because the Syrian minds is the minds of light and fire were issued to the world civilization and learned universe characters and we have repeatedly Hzrna we continue to march victory and conspirators against our country will be finding it inevitable fate of one is the humiliation and shame.

Tasks section in the Syrian army-mail you have just broke the messaging system private island Mobile messages sent by him for this service subscribers in all States deployed.

Our mission is to amplify the voices of the Syrian right and we are continuing to battle in this cyberspace supportive of our valiant army crushed the enemies of the homeland at home, we are staying Testament. 

Later after the hack, network posted updates on its @AJALive Twitter account to inform Al Jazeera Mobile subscribers that it had been hacked, and the alleged assassination attempt was fake:

According to Al Jazeera spokesman, ”We are still looking into this incident and trying to figure out how something like this big can happen”. 

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