American Pharmacy Association Website hacked & defaced by Anonymous

The official website of  American Pharmacists Association (APhA) was hacked and defaced by Anonymous hackers two days ago. The website was then taken down by the APhA authorities.

When this article was written, the website was down and showing following message:

Dear Members and Visitors,

On Monday evening, the APhA website,, was attacked and defaced by an unknown individual or group.  APhA takes this attack seriously and is aggressively investigating the incident.  To protect the personal information of our members, donors and visitors, we have temporarily taken our site offline.

We apologize for any inconvenience to you, and hope to be up and running shortly.

Should you have questions, please call 1-202-558-2714 or email[email protected]. Thank you.

APhA2012 Elections: Please go to to access the login page of the official 2012 APhA election.

According to APhA’s media statement, ” the website was defaced and we have taken the website offline, since it is useless to upload the site when its not safe”. 

“APhA considers any attack on its website serious and is aggressively investigating. The incident has been reported to law enforcement, and APhA is working with forensic experts and investigators to determine the full extent of the attack,” According to a media statement by AphA.

APhA’s authorities told the media that Anonumous hackers have deleted all the data from the website and more then 1000 email, passwords and other userdata has been made public.

However hackers did not left any message or reason for hacking APhA‘s website.

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