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  • #OpGabon: Anonymous hacks, defaces Axa Insurance Group website against its support for Ali Bongo

    The online hackavists from Anonymous group are taking #OpGabon to a new level as they have hacked and defaced the official website of a French global investment, retirement, and insurance group AXA (axa-gabon.com) against its support for Gabonese President Ali Bongo. The site was left with a deface page, a message and a YouTube video. The deface message was […]

  • #OpGabon: Gabon’s largest manganese alloy producer website defaced, data leaked by Anonymous

    The online hackavist group Anonymous has hacked and defaced the official website of Gabon’s top most manganese alloy producer (http://www.eramet-comilog.com) for their ongoing operation going with the name of #OpGabon. As a result database and login details of 9 site users have been leaked online. Hackers left their official Anonymous logo on the website along with a link […]

  • Official website of Indian Embassy in Israel hacked by AnonGhost

    The Moroccan hacker known to many with the handle of AnonGhost aka Mauritania Attacker has hacked and defaced the official website of Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel just few minutes ago. AnonGhost has announced this hack via his official Facebook account where site was left with a deface page along with a simple note, hailing […]

  • Anonymous hacks, leaks emails and passwords of US Congress

    Anonymous hackers have claimed to breached the official website of US congress and its mail server (mail.house.gov and senate.gov), as a result around 1800 email addresses along with their passwords have been leaked online. Hackers claim that emails and passwords belong to US Congress and their staff which have been compromised to make it clear on congress […]

  • LulzSecPeru defaces, leaks data of Peru’s government portals for using NSA’s backed hosting service

    LulzSecPeru known as one of the most skilled online hackavists are back, this time by the hackers have hacked and defaced the government of Peru’s Citizen Service Portal for using hosting services of Global Crossing’s server (now known as Level 3 Communications) that allegedly provides personal information of site’s users to American’s National Security Agency (NSA). Along […]

  • 8 ‎Egyptian Ministry Websites Hacked by ‎Anonymous ‎Jordan, asks Anti-Morsi Protesters Few Questions

    An Anonymous hacker going with the handle of Anonymous Jordan has hacked and defaced eight (8) Egyptian Ministry websites against the taking down of Muslim Brotherhood’s government few days ago. The targeted websites belong to different high profile government ministries and departments, such as the website of Ministry of Electricity & Energy (www.nrea.gov.eg) Egyptian Ministry of Planning and […]

  • Anonymous Group Targets Hawthorne Police Department For Brutally Shooting Dog

    The online hackavist from Anonymous group has targeted the Hawthorne Police department in response to police shooting a man’s rottweiler dog. As reported by authorities, the Hawthorne Police department has taken this threat very seriously and are on high alert when the video of dog’s shooting  went viral just two days ago with more than 4 million hits […]

  • Turkish Police Labels RedHack Hackavists as “Cyber Terrorist Organization”

    In a report submitted by the Turkish police in Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office, the famous online hackavist group RedHack has been labed as  “cyber terrorist organization” for encouraging public to commit crimes against the state via twitter during Gezi Resistance. Not so long ago on July 10, 2012 I had reported on famous Turkish hackavist group REDHACK […]

  • Turkish Finance Ministry Office Hacked , 2006-2010 Incoming & Outgoing Data Leaked by Anonymous

    A supporter of Anonymous hacker going with the Twitter handle of @RunaGalande has claimed to hack and breach the official website of Turkish Finance Ministry Office, resulting in leaking for income and outgoing data online. Anonymous Turkey who contacted me on Twitter, revealed Turkish Finance Ministry Office hack few hours ago that shows 23 MB leaked data is in Turkish language […]

  • Hackers replace FIFA Brazil World Cup Website with Protest Footage

    Unknown hackers have hacked and defaced the website of FIFA World Cup in Brazil (http://copaemcuiaba.com.br) with a Youtube video, urging people not to come to Brazil to watch the world cup and showing police brutality over protesters. The main page of FIFA’s website was defaced and replaced with a YouTube video, showing protesters marching, before riot police release tear […]

  • #OpTurkey: Anonymous Hacks Fox Entertainment Turkey & Vodasoft, Leaks account details online

    Just an hour ago a well known Anonymous hacker going with the handle of @AnonsTurkey on Twitter has hacked into the official websites of Fox Entertainment Turkey (fox.com.tr) and a Turkish based call center VodaSoft (vodasoft.com.tr). @AnonsTurkey who is very active these days for #OpTurkey, managed to breach the servers of  both websites, ending up with leaking confidential  information such as thousands of […]

  • #OpTurkey: 4 Turkish Government Websites Hacked & Defaced by Security Dr@Gon

    A Syrian hacker going with the handle of Security Dr@Gon has hacked and defaced 34 Turkish websites out of which 4 belongs to the government of Turkey. The hacker left a deface page for #OpTurkey in support of Turkish people along with a message on all hacked websites, marking his protest against the Turkish Prime Minister of […]

  • #OpGabon: Anonymous Leaks Credentials of Companies for Supporting Gabon Government

    Online hackavists group Anonymous have breached website of a Gabonese based logistic company Courtage Gabon Logistique (cgl-gabon.com) for supporting the alleged killings of Gabonese youth. Online hackavists group Anonymous had started #OpGabon last month against the alleged killings of children, men and women in Gabon by Ali Bongo Ondimba, a Gabonese politician who has been President of Gabon since October 2009. As […]

  • #OpIsrael: 52 Israeli Websites Hacked and Defaced by Anonymous Hackers

    A hacker going with the handle of Cyber-Terrorist, who seems to be a hardcore supporter of hackavist group Anonymous has hacked and defaced 52 Israeli based websites for #OpIsrael couple of days ago. Hacker left a deface page along with a message on all hacked 52 websites, giving tributes to other hackers and talking about Operation Israel. […]

  • #OpLiberation: Thayer Learning Center Breached, Surveillance Logs Exposed by Anonymous

    The online hackavist group Anonymous has claimed to breach the Thayer Learning Center (TLC) [] a military based, Christian boarding school boot camp for troubled teens in Kidder, Missouri, as a result the admin data and surveillance logs on children’s phone calls have been exposed and leaked online. One of the hacker who contacted me explained that they had found vulnerability on […]

  • University of Zurich Hacked, 3200 Officials Accounts’ Leaked by @Ag3nt47

    A hacker going with the handle of Ag3nt47 on Twitter has breached in to the official website of University of Zurich (http://www.uzh.ch) and as a result login details of over 3200 staff official have been leaked online. The hack was announced by the hacker on his official Twitter account in which he claims to have found SQL vulnerability […]