Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond sentenced to 10 years for Stratfor leak.

Jeremy Hammond, 28, was convicted of hacking Strategic Forecasting also known as Startfor Intelligence in December 2011.

Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond Jailed for 10 Years-1

Chicago based Jeremy Hammond linked to the online hacktivist group Anonymous and has been sentenced on Friday to ten years in prison for cyber attacks against various government agencies of the U.S. government and financial giants, including Strategic Forecasting, Inc., more commonly known as Stratfor.

Jeremy Hammond, 28, was convicted of cyber attacks on he conducted on Stratfor in December 2011, which his lawyers claim to have been motivated by concerns about the role of private companies in collecting intelligence information at home and abroad.

Prosecutors said the attack on Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor, resulted in the theft of 60,000 credit card numbers and data from 860,000 customers, which were later posted on the Internet.

In March 2012, FBI had changed AntiSec’s Jeremy Hammond with information equals $700,000 in Startfor hacking.

It all started with a ex-anonymous and a snitch SABU who sold out the personal details of Jeremy Hammond to FBI in 2012. 


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