Anonymous Philippines Hacks Chinese Govt. Websites over Territorial Disputes

Territorial Disputes result in hacking of Chinese Websites by Anonymous Filipino Group.

The Filipino front of online hacktivist Anonymous has managed to hack and deface numerous websites of Chinese government and commercial sector as method to record protest against alleged increasing aggression of Beijing in the disputed territory of West Philippine Sea.

The Filipino group of hackers is called Anonymous Philippines that became notorious for hacking top websites including their own government. The group added a page on every hacked Chinese website displaying this message.

"Many of you are aware of the oppressive acts of the Chinese Government over the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea. Their claims over the said area is nothing but mere assumption and without solid proof. Once again, we must gather our brothers and sisters to stand against this tyranny. Others may think this action does nothing, but so does sitting around while waiting for something to happen.We have a voice, and we will use it to make a stand. We will say no against this oppression for we care about our country. To the Government of China, stop the reclamation, do not put or establish any structure on that location thinking or claiming that you are the owner. Considering that there is no final agreement between both and other parties."

When the hacked websites are viewed, the song “Take the Power Back” from Rage Against the Machine automatically starts playing. (Good song choice by Anonymous)

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List of hacked Chinese websites is available on the official Facebook page of Anonymous Philippines.

The Filipino front of Anonymous was firstly acknowledged as hacktivists after they attacked multiple governmental websites to register their protest against the Anti-Cyber Crime Law back in 2012.

At the time of publishing this article, most of the websites were still hacked while some were restored and some were taken offline.

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