Anonymous Reveals 26,000+ Twitter Handles Allegedly having Links with ISIS

Anonymous hacktivist group continues its efforts to expose social media profiles of the notorious rebel group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/ISIS militants and its supporters by gathering a list of 26,000 plus Twitter handles of alleged connections of the extremist group.

Earlier in March, a CtrlSec outfit member that is active online by the nick XRSone posted a list of 9.200 Twitter profiles of ISIS supporters.

The objective of this act is to limit the extremist organization’s propaganda spreading means and employment of new members.


The currently revealed list of profiles can be viewed at XRSone’s website. The list contains a user’s Twitter ID, screen name, date of account creation, number of followers and present status (whether suspended or active). More than half of these accounts are suspended.

Click here to go through the list.

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Anonymous’ hacktivist states that the list contains information about 10,408 active accounts and the rest have already been suspended. The primary reason behind compiling the data of all accounts in one document is to present a fuller picture of the graveness of this issue.

XRSone says in a blog post:

“Looking through these accounts you will see complete disregard for human life. There are no civil liberties or freedom, there is no justice. ISIS is waging a digital war, this war is not fought with bullets or won with air strikes. This war uses the corruption of ideals for ammunition.”

Furthermore, he urges that it is important to deactivate these accounts at the earliest opportunity. He added that he will continue to reveal similar pieces of info until all of them are expunged from social media forums.

The problem with members of ISIS is that they continuously operate via different Twitter profiles that are all interlinked through their followers. This serves as a backup in case any one of the many profiles gets suspended.

Therefore, when one suspected profile is suspended, the other new ones replace it to ensure constant communication.

This definitely makes looking for new profiles a never ending mission and also entails continuous clean-up of Twitter.

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