Anonymous Shuts Down Oakland Police, Fire Dept, City Websites

The online hacktivist Anonymous has conducted a massive cyber attack on the official website of Oakland police, fire department and city website. As a result all targeted sites have been shut down.

Anonymous targeted the Oakland City Hall, Oakland police and fire departments website around 11 a.m.
It’s been few hours now that all sites are still down and readers are welcomed with warning messages like ”The page cannot be displayed Explanation: There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.”
A screenshot showing Oakland city website is offline after the cyber attack.
The news of targeting these sites was announced by Anonymous on their Twitter account. The cyber attack was conducted under the banner of #ShutItDown and #ICantBreathe. (These hashtags show Anonymous has targeted these sites in retaliation against recent killings of black males in the United States).
— Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) December 10, 2014
Karen Boyd, a representative from Oakland city said they are working on restoring these sites, but such attacks will not impact police or local business.

List of targeted websites: 
Oakland city website:
Oakland police website:

Anonymous is conducting cyber attacks on several police departments around the United States against shootings of unarmed citizens. Starting with Officer Darren Wilson (who killed Brown) and the prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch (who justified his brutality), the list goes on to include names such as Officer Sean Williams, of the Beavercreek, Ohio Police Department (he gunned down John Crawford); Officer Bron Cruz (he shot Dillon Taylor); Rookie Officer Timothy Loehmann (he shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice without giving him a chance to explain that he was only holding a BB gun), Boone County, Kentucky Deputy Tyler Brockman (involved in shooting of Samantha Ramsey).

Click here to read reports on previous attacks by Anonymous for OpFerguson and hereto read attacks in support of Tamir Rice.

At the time of publishing this article, the Oakland police, fire departments and city hall websites were down.

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