Apple Tech Must Haves For Digital Nomads

Apple Tech Must Haves For Digital Nomads

In today’s era of remote work and travel, having the right technology can make all the difference for digital nomads. Apple’s innovative products have become indispensable tools for those who live and work on the move.

At the same time, making the move to working remotely abroad is a daunting step. These tech add-ons and Apple hacks make the journey easier than ever.


With even major co-working spaces like WeWork reporting huge data thefts from their open WiFi networks, it’s best to have another layer of security when working in shared spaces abroad. 

Downloading reliable protective solutions like ExpressVPN for Mac protects data by tunnelling it anonymously past shared networks, concealing from view any vulnerable account data that may be used for card theft and identity fraud. This feature also means the user’s location is hidden, allowing them to stay protected anywhere in the world they are working at the time. 

Getting the best out of iCloud’s FindMy features will put any digital nomad’s mind at ease when working from cafés abroad and bringing their tech to low-security spots. 

A new development for iOS17 is the ability to use AirTag with multiple Apple IDs. This feature allows the owner to share an AirTag’s location with someone else so they can keep an eye on it, too, acting as a double layer of backup that’s a huge help if the owner’s FindMy device is also missing. 

Designers can rejoice, as Apple also looks set to add one of the most used bits of hardware by digital nomads to its FindMy roster very soon: the Apple Pencil. The upcoming 3rd generation of the Apple Pencil is rumoured to have some new useful features, too, including the ability to zoom with a simple movement of the device. There are even hints, judging from recent Apple patents, at the ability of the new pencil to scan colours from the physical surroundings and replicate the same colour onto the iPad. 

Before You Go

Making sure you have financial freedom on the go is key to living the remote lifestyle, with cards like Revolut being the most favoured option for digital nomads. These offer an international banking experience, bypassing huge money transfer fees and the bureaucracy of moving funds between national banks. 

Digital nomads are a tech-dominated cohort, so it’s not unexpected that they’ve created a platform tailored to their needs. Inspired by Reddit, which also has forums dedicated to remote working, Citizen Remote is a relatively new app aiming to cover the whole breadth of the digital nomad experience. Users can do everything from getting started on Visa applications to connecting with collaborators on their next work project. 

On The Go

Co-working spaces can be expensive, and the transient nature of working abroad can make some subscriptions to these a little pointless. There are great alternatives, and WorkFrom provides a detailed database of the ones best set up for working travellers. Whether you need a guaranteed plug or just a space with great Wifi, this app can lead you in the right direction from libraries to cafés, complete with local reviews. 

Finally, no digital nomad lifestyle would be complete without the plethora of social connections that working in an international community brings. MeetUp is the biggest database for this, with subgroups for shared interests and languages spoken. It may seem old-school, but some cities have digital nomad communities that rely heavily on MeetUp. So it’s always worth checking it out to get the absolute most out of the social opportunities around.

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