Apple Updated Maps Found to be Life Threatening

apply-maps-dangerous-MilduraApple has been in news with concerns over it’s products since it’s iPhone 5 launch. But, those news aren’t the ones to be much concerned of for the team Apple. However, the recent news regarding Apple updated maps are much to concerned of for the team Apple. 

Apple launched it’s updated maps during September this year after it dropped Google as it’s service provider for the maps. The new iOS 6 maps are declared life threatening by the Australian police after going by certain incidents happening within their territory. A place named as Mildura is wrongly shown in the Apple maps. Moreover, it’s located according to the Apple’s map at least 70 kilometers away from it’s original place.  This is not all, according to the map Mildura is situated in the middle of a park which is originally the place of Mildura airport. Mildura is actual terms situated beside the outside the park.

So, whosoever followed the direction provided by it’s Apple android device faced dreadful results. According to the Australian police, they document at least 4 such cases resulting from misguiding.  Actually, the place where the Mildura is situated according to the Apple maps is a place where:

 There’s no water, and you can get bogged down in the sand,” explained Toby Prime, a reporter on the local Sunraysia Daily. “Temperatures go up to 46 degrees and there’s no water.” said the policemen

Last week, a person went to that place and remained at the place for at least 24 hours in heat where temperatures crossed 46 degrees. The person was rescued by the rescuers in really bad condition. In another incident, a person left for Mildura three hours before darkness loomed in the area. By the time he reached there he found himself with heavy sand moving here and there. He was also rescued by the rescuers and this incident quite clearly proved how threatening these updated maps can be.

The major part of the concern for Apple is that  Nokia and in the same region are showing the location of Mildura accurately. Furthermore, if there is any inaccuracy among the places from U.S, Apple might be required to pay heavy fines for it according to U.S lawsuit, so crucial days ahead for Apple and it would be fascinating to see what arguments do Apple officials provide on this. We would here like to tell you that a number of officials were previously fired on the same issue.

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