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  • Download YouTube Capture iOS (Free)

    Download Google’s YouTube Capture App For iPhone [Download Link Available]

    How to download Youtube videos on my iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad? I was being spammed with this question for a long time. So here is the answer.  It was very hard rather impossible to record videos from […]

  • apple-tv

    Apple TV Is Coming In 2014, And Everyone Is Going To Copy It

    Apple Inc., as suggested by many sources, is going to launch its Apple TV. According to venture capitalist Marc Andreessen who stated, “Apple is definitely coming out a television” at the DealBook conference on December 12, 2012, the TV would either be launched in 2014, or a year less (2013) or more (2015). Marc Andreessen […]

  • apply-maps-dangerous-Mildura

    Apple Updated Maps Found to be Life Threatening

    Apple has been in news with concerns over it’s products since it’s iPhone 5 launch. But, those news aren’t the ones to be much concerned of for the team Apple. However, the recent news regarding Apple updated maps are much to concerned of for the team Apple.  Apple launched it’s updated maps during September this year after […]

  • Samsung-vs-Apple

    Samsung Vs Apple In The U.S Mobile Market

    ComScore a statistics recording firm in U.S. has launched a stat on how the two elites ( Apple and Samsung ) has been sharing market the U.S mobile market.  According to the statistics Samsung still dominates the smartphone and normal mobile phone market with a 26.3 percent market share. Apple has shifted to second in […]

  • Munich, Germany: Customers gather outside an Apple store

    Apple Would Require iPhone 6 Sooner then it Thought

    The recent launch of iPhone 5 doesn’t provide any new experience for the users, although, it got 5 million sales in a week but this figure would certainly have been doubled if it would be having some innovation in it. With fast changes in technology each day, every brand needs to be pro-active to remain in competition. […]

  • Apple Hits and Misses after the Passing Away of their Tecnology Icon – Steve Jobs

    October 2012 marks the end of Apple’s first financial year without their technology icon: Steve Jobs. So, let’s find out how Apple has been through this time. There has been few hits and misses that are been observed during this time. Let’s find out what are they? iPhone 5 sales broke records by precision Despite, overwhelming […]

  • Apple iPhone 5 Beats Samsung galaxy SIII in a Screen Test

    The tech world has said and written a lot about iPhone 5. According to many fans, it failed to meet the expectations the people had from it. However, when it comes to the quality of performance iPhone still beats all its worthy competitors. A comprehensive side-by-side comparison was done in a display test conducted by […]

  • call of duty elite

    Call of Duty ELITE For iPhone and iPad for Free [Download Link Available]

    Call of Duty: Elite is now available for iPhone and iPad, it can be downloaded in app form, allowing you to enjoy your favorite video game anywhere you want to.   For those who don’t know what Call of Duty is, it is undoubtedly world’s best video game when it comes to First Person Shooting games. Call […]

  • Apple-China

    Get Free iPhone 4S with a Multiyear Agreement at China Unicom

    Dreaming for free iPhone 4S? Well it is not a dream anymore as China’s second-largest wireless services operator ”Unicom” has given a killer promotion offer for its customers that whenever they sign up for Unicom’s multiyear commitment they will get a free iPhone 4S. As the promotion starts next week, Lucky Chinese iPhone lovers can now […]