Apple iPhone 5 Beats Samsung galaxy SIII in a Screen Test

The tech world has said and written a lot about iPhone 5. According to many fans, it failed to meet the expectations the people had from it. However, when it comes to the quality of performance iPhone still beats all its worthy competitors. A comprehensive side-by-side comparison was done in a display test conducted by the known firm DisplayMate Technologies, and the result revealed that Apple is better than Samsung. Apple’s 4-inch Retina Display in iPhone 5 showed refined picture results as compared to the Samsung Galaxy SIII equipped with OLED display.

DisplayMate conducted this display test by the name ‘Flagship Smartphone Display Technology Shoot-Out’. The results reveal that Apple’s retina display is far better than Samsung Galaxy S3’s display. Moreover, it also drew a comparison between the display technologies used in Apple i5 and i4, and it showed that Apple has advanced a lot in the last two years.

Dr. Raymond Soneria, a representative of the DisplayMate’s said in a statement, Apple has uncharacteristically understated how much better the display is on the iPhone 5 – something that could be an important factor for those considering whether to upgrade. In every category that we measure (except Brightness Decrease with Viewing Angle), the performance of the iPhone 5 display has improved over the iPhone 4, sometimes by a bit and sometimes by a lot.”

However, the PenTile display technology used in the Samsung galaxy S3 display performed comparatively better. OLED technology has been equipped already, however, it is still being improved and it has not reached the level, which LCD technology used in Apple i5 has.

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